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Vomiting is a complex reflex act common not only to people but also to lower animals possessing an alimentary tract and is basically a protective mechanism to eliminate toxic or irritating substances from the body. In humans it can be initiated by emotional, chemical(certain drugs), or physical stimulation

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Q: Why do people who get dehydrate often vomit?
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How often does a rat vomit?

Rats can't vomit.

What happens if you vomit too much?

Nothing much, sometimes without putting fluid back into the body, your body will dehydrate and continue to vomit until your vomiting stomach acid, and then death.

How often do you vomit?

you often puke when you feel ill and get fevers

Do people vomit when they are nervous?

hello I would like to know why people vomit when nervous

Do octopuses vomit?

yes, quite often they vomit. it comes out quite dark in colour, with flecks or orange.

How do you spell dehydrate?


Do girl vomit after losing their virgins?

No. But they often cry.

Why do people vomit after an exerting run?

People vomit after exerting runs due to high intra-abdominal pressure.

Why is vomit red?

The color of your vomit is entirely dependant on what you have recently eaten or drank. However, if your vomit is red, you should see a doctor as soon as possible because red vomit often indicates that you have a wound in the stomach that is bleeding.

How do you use the word esophagus in a sentence?

Food travels down the esophagus into the stomach. People who vomit often can damage the tissues in the esophagus.

How do you tell the difference between bilious and nonbilious vomit?

Bilious often mean you feel like vomiting. Bilious vomit is high in acidic and yellow looking. Non bilious vomit is just food that you vomit up and it may have different colors (from the food you have ingested in it) but not the acidic yellow color. If one vomits too often then the stomach only has acid in it and that's what you will vomit up.

Why is your male ferret vomiting?

Ferrets can vomit for a number of reasons, one might be intestinal blockage. Ferrets can dehydrate quickly from vomiting. Your ferrets needs to see a Veterinarian as quickly as possible

Does caffeine dehydrate your joints?

Caffeine does not necessarily dehydrate the body's joints. However, it does act a diuretic for some people so can cause dehydration if consumed in excess.

Can you dehydrate play dough?

I think u can dehydrate it

What chemical will a person lose when they vomit?

When we vomit, we vomit up the hydrochloric acid (HCl) in our stomach as well as the food that may be in there. This often results in a burning feeling in our esophagus as well as a bitter taste in our mouth.

Why do people vomit only at night?

People don't only vomit at night. Night time seems to be the worst time for the flu and colds.

Does cranberry juice dehydrate you?

Yes cranberry juice will dehydrate you.

Why does a dog eat grass?

The theories are that they like the taste of grass, or they are hungry. There is no evidence to suggest that they eat grass to make themselves vomit. Not all dogs vomit after eating grass. And those that do will often eat their vomit.

What are people who overindulge in food and vomit?


What will happen to your cells if you drink salt water?

Your cells dehydrate and you then dehydrate.

What is the meaning of heartburn?

An uneasy, burning sensation in the stomach, often attended with an inclination to vomit. It is sometimes idiopathic, but is often a symptom of often complaints.

What are some reasons people vomit?

sometimes you vomit because you are seasick, airsick, or carsick. people swallow some types of poison can be forced to vomit. this rids the body of the poison.sometimes you vomit because you eat what you are not supposed to eatsometimes you vomit because you are allergic to somethings that you are not supposed to eat.sometimes you vomit because of the smell of somethings like nasty garbage or a baby's dipar that you haven't changes in 3 weeks from today.

What are things to smell that make you vomit?

There are a lot of different things that can make people vomit if they smell them. The one that seems to work on all people is things that are dead.

What causes people to vomit after eating?

Some people, who have a psychological condition known as bulemia, make themselves vomit after eating because they are afraid of getting fat. But there are a number of other possible reasons why people sometimes vomit after eating. Sometimes people vomit because they ate something to which they are allergic. Or they ate something poisonous. Or they just ate too much. Or they are suffering from an intestinal bacterial infection.

What is the scientific name for fear of people who vomit?

I got it, it's still Emesophobia because it is fear of anything to do with Vomit. Tks...