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Why do people who know the truth about the soul play games with another person's soul?


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God is Love, Truth is God, if they really knew the Truth they wouldn't play games because it's going to come down harder on them than anyone else. The only person who knows your soul is you. Your soul is your personality, your being, you. The only way somebody else can 'play games' is if you allow it. Simply do not allow it and refuse to be manipulated. Remember we can be as strong as we need to be. No-one truly knows if the soul truly exists and what part it has to play in our lives if it does. Anyone who claims that they know the truth about the soul is just trying to mess with your mind. We can never know whether the soul truly exists because if it did exist, it would be outside of our understanding and so would not be able to see it. (This is a bit one-sided but it's the most i can get out of this thick skull of mine at the moment).