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Since movies began (silent films) people's lives were so drab and unexciting and the excitement of seeing a "moving picture" fascinated the public and was a new source of entertainment. Eventually the "talkies" came in and this was even more exciting and thus, "the star was born!" Stories were told (even though the large studios tried to cover it up) about orgies (and there were some) and the "fast life" of such stars as Fatty Arbuckle, Lilian Gish, The Barrymore's, etc. It appeared it was OK for some actors to get away with bad behavior and since the public couldn't it was a release system for some move-goers. Going to the movies and watching different films can take you away from your personal problems and let you sit in the dark in a dream-like or mesmerized state. Some movie-goers could actually fantasise themselves into the role of their favorite actor (or actress as they were known back then.) It gave hope to some movie-goers and allowed them to imagine they could be anything they wanted to be and that romance was just around the corner. It provided mentors (someone to look up too) when many people in society didn't have anything to hold onto. During the Dirty 30's (The Great Depression) some managed to scrape enough money together just to see a movie and to escape their otherwise problematic lifestyle and gave hope that the move-goer may just end up a movie star or just the simple encouragement that life could get better. One famous cult movie "The Grapes of Wrath" with Henry Fonda was born. During the 40s the intrigue of the life of being a movie star exploded and young people from other States and even Canada would get to Hollywood any way they could and were known as "hopefuls." Many made the mistake of getting into Pornography to help them with their rent and food. A very small percentage ever became a movie star. Unfortunately, often this mistake of selling yourself to porn could alter your chances of becoming a movie star back then (the studios were very protective of their clients and often lied or covered-up. Even the police were paid off to hide the truth about many.) In the 30s - 40s there was Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Lionel Barrymore, Clark Gable, etc., and the movie magazines put these actors on a pedestal for the public. The public saw glamor, excitement and money! Behind the scenes it was called "the casting couch" or (you scratch my back and I may scratch yours.) There were many gays to bisexuals back in those days. The studios often did not give true bios regarding their "children ... actors" as they do today. Now we hear every sordid detail of what that actor was before, during and after. Thus, the magic is gone! It can leave some teens feeling "let down", depressed, or wanting to help their favorite actor, but unable to do so. In the 50s came a vast change in the form of "Rebel Without A Cause" with James Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo. This movie exploded on the screen and was most successful as teens finally got to realize why they were so frustrated, moody and sometimes angry (and I was one of those teens.) I must have watched that movie 15 times listening to every serious word spoken. I can remember James Dean grabbing his hen-pecked father by the lapels of his father's bath robe and screaming, "You aren't listening to me ... tell her! Tell her!" (Meaning his over-aggressive, hen-pecking mother.) What all us teens connected with was the fact we were brought up to be seen and not heard and for once in our lives we could understand we did have a choice in expressing ourselves. "Splendor In The Grass" with Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood set in the 1920s - 1930s era was another great movie where young men had their hormones flying every which way, but were expected to be gentlemen around a lady (Natalie Wood) and she had her own problems of remaining a virgin or losing her boyfriend. The movie "Blue Denim" with Brandon DeWilde was another great movie where two young and innocent people fell in love and she got pregnant. As many teen boys he panicked and was trying to scrape money up for an abortion for his girlfriend (she was against it hoping he would change his mind) and thankfully because of his best buddy the young man realized how selfish and immature he was and eventually stood up for his girlfriend and went after her. A happy ending. Just what the audiences use to want back then. Those are three cult movies I would recommend to teens today because really, nothing much has changed after all those years. Today most of our young actors are a flash in the pan (the odd star does hold it's own light, but few do) and they come and go quicker than you can blink your eye. Who was in last month is not the next month. There is unfortunately a true magic that has been lost regarding celebrities. Now the public (because of the magazines, TV programs and autobiographies to the paparazzi) have opened the insides of most Hollywood's Stars leaving no stone unturned and taking the mystery away from that particular actor. Too much knowledge is good for nothing! We can sit in the movie theater and see horror, murder, cry, laugh and feel quite safe. Many can love the thrill of horror to murder and feel a rush without the danger of being involved. Others are romantics and love to be wound up in the movie and hoping something like what they are seeing will happen to them. We mustn't forget the favorite singers and bands of each decade. Teenagers don't really ever change from one generation to the other and just like we did in past generations there are our favorite bands, singers, "groupies" and concerts to go too (although I will admit more so now.) It's exciting, it's a world teens are fascinated with and wonder about and can only imagine. They want to be part of it and want to find out what makes their favorite actor, singer or band tick. Now, we know that actors have their own problems and all the fame and money can't help them in certain aspects of their lives. We've come to know some have become alcoholics, into drugs, died from both, and some teens try to immortalize them even after death. The long and short of it is, when we become adults we realize that we can still enjoy the movies, but have lost the magic of ever wanting to be what an actor is because we are wise enough to know with fame and money there comes a price and that stars are born every day and many fall from grace. Actors are just people like you and I. Well firstly celebs are normal people. they just happen to be in the spotlight. people tend to think that they have a better life than us, so they fantasize, and try to get close to them as possible, and that's worshipping them. but truly they are nothing better than us. what they have naturally, so do we. thy just happen to have talent (some) and they got discovered.. Answer People worship famous people because they see themselves in those people. They represent all that the worshipers are not and want to be. On the other hand, no famous people are good example. They are ruthless bad guys.

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