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Why do people you don't know answer your questions?


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2009-07-18 13:13:49
2009-07-18 13:13:49

That's what it is in Wikianswers. There are thousands of contributors and these contributors answer questions posted by anyone.

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Uhmm. becuase people dont know what there talking about... ((:

People come to Wikianswers to find out questions on stuff they dont know and share their knowledge about stuff they know. It is a mutually beneficial community where you ask what you do not know and help others with things you know by answering their questions.

Because some people that log on here dont know the answer, so they cant answer most of these questions.

about 123,124,141,421,345,253,496,046,740,574,574,860,978,056,767 a month. Dont ask stupid questions that people dont know.

because sometimes people who are supposed to be answering the questions dont know the answer to them!

i really dont know you should go to a offical website not this where people can just answer you questions

I dont know the answer that's why im asking you if you dont know the answer just say that instead of trying to avoud answering if

There are many reasons why people ask questions. Well, to start, were only animals (i think) and we DONT know everything. We can go to school to get more knowledge buty we also get tourcherd. People ask questions because they dont know answers. Other people may know the answers to this question though. Like, for example, if u "knew everything" then why are u searching up this question? I already know the answer (its what im writing). so dont be afraid to ask questions! people should not ask questions they should just shut up and go with the flow I think that you no very well why people ask questions. I mean really why are you asking this question? ask urself that and youll no why. Why do people answer this question? why did you just ask that QUESTION?

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People answer all of the 'stupid' questions because they know the answer to those 'stupid' questions, whereas people do not usually know the correct answer to a serious question. Therefore, they only answer questions that they know the answer to, and ironically not answering the serious questions because they don't know the answer to it.

maybe i dont know google it or ask it ok i dont know ok people out there just wait till a movie comes ok just dont ask silly questions

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you know ive been wondering that too and i dont know the answer but this is kind of a random question too but its not nearly as stupid as most people's questions are. there was a question that asked" what is basketball?" and i was amazed

Why Dont You People Answer These Questions!!

i dont know but yall realy need to find out the unknown Questions because i need this for my project and you dont have it and this is my favrote site to ask questions for but you dont have the answers

i dont know, it would be nice if smart people liked to go on this site and answer craploads of questions

yea its a very good source and i love it i love to help people answer their questions so m people put up moree questions. wikianswers is a good website to get to know stuff you dont know like for homework i love it

Im not sure but i dont think you should post up unresonable and personal questions alot of people on this website dont know who he is thank you bye

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