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depends. it could be from working out. or being hit in the legs

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Why do legs ache?

they would ache if you got shot.

Why do your legs ache at night?

Your legs ache at night because during the day your leg muscles have been put to work allot

Why do legs ache after drinking alcohol?


Why do your legs ache when running?

When you run the power of your legs when they're moving it stretches the muscles in your legs and that could be painful.

When pregnant do the tops of your legs ache?

Yes, it happens to many pregnant women.

Why do your legs ache when you drink alcohol?

When you drink alcohol it makes you weak, but the part that's most weak is your legs and that the only effect that alcohol have on the human legs

Where did jeans first appear?

On peoples legs.

Why do your arms ache at the elbows?

Sometimes when you have hyperglycemia ( a high blood sugar level) for a long period of time, your joints can ache. Most typically, the legs and the knees.

Why would your legs ache at night when you get into bed?

Take a potassium supplement, preferably a banana.

How do you use varicose in a sentence?

Once the veins have become varicose, the legs can start to ache.

What does diffusely mean in the term her legs ache diffusely?

To "diffuse" something means to "spread it out". Therefore, to say that someone's "legs ache diffusely" would mean that the pain is spread out through her legs, rather than only in one area. "Diffusely" would be another way of saying "all over".

How do you move peoples arms and legs in sceneries stardoll?

You can't move peoples arms and legs but on the MeDoll editor you can change the size of your boy and stuff hope that works

Why legs ache morning?

i sometimes suffer from this also, i think it might be down to poor circulation.

Do they break dead peoples legs to get them to fit into coffins?

Not the legs are broken, but the rigor mortis of the legs. The knees might be lifted somewhat if necessary.

How long are spanish peoples legs?

usually 2 feet

Why you get ache legs?

if you do too much walking or you may of strainged them, if there constantly really hurting, then i suggest you go and see your docter :)

Can the flu cause lower back pain?

The flu can cause your whole body to ache. (neck, legs, shoulders ect..)

Why do your legs ache all the time?

My legs use to ache a lot too. I read somewhere that taking 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar mixed with a little bit of warm water helps. So i tried it and i was surprised but it actually worked. i got the Organic raw one with mother in it. Worth a try. .

Is kite surfing good exercise?

Its extremely good exercise for the upper body, arms and legs. Your muscles always ache afterwards.

Why do my Legs ache when my feet are cold?

because cold can cause joints to become stiff and could also make your muscles sore

What can pain killers be used to treat?

Ear ache, back ache, belly ache , head ache and PAIN

Why do your legs ache?

There can be any number of reasons for this ranging from tiredness to circulatory problems to arthritis. to answer this question properly more information is required with the question.

Why do your knees ache when hiking down hill?

Walking down-hill, especially with a heavy pack, puts a very high strain on your legs.

Why do your legs ache in bed you have to keep stretching them to ease the pain?

It could be one of two things; Restless Leg Syndrome or Growing pains. Either way, try sleeping with a pillow in between your legs to help this.

What's Another word for Belly ache?

Tummy ache Stomach ache