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Why do pet parrots sometimes poop in their food or water?

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2007-05-14 16:31:41

Often, the cause of this problem is lack of space in the cage to

select a better spot to poop or it could be perch placement. If the

perches are only over water or food, they bird may have few options

when it is inside its cage (which should be as little as possible

since a healthy, happy companion parrot is out of the cage

interacting with its humans as much as possible) Pet parrots will

tend to avoid pooping where they sleep and where they eat if they

are provided with sufficient space to be able to easily avoid

having to do so. In fact, a parrot can be potty trained to go in a

specific place or even to go on command. My sun conure, SunDance,

was potty trained! She would say "Go homie" and she wanted to be

placed on the 'porch' area of her cage so she could hang her tail

off and poop on the paper below. My friend trained her conure to

only poop in the sink. I used to see around the Cocoa Beach,

Florida area a beautiful female Eclectus that was so well potty

trained, she was welcomed into restaurants and bars!

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