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It's All About Money!
  • That's how the pharmaceutical companies get paid...through fear.
  • The answer is simple. Drug companies make money by selling drugs to combat high cholesterol. If they told the truth, they would not collect the money for the drugs. It's not just the cholesterol drugs, either. It's a very large number of drugs! To the drug companies, and many others in the medical field, the bottom line is not about health and healing, it is about putting LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY in their pockets.


In fact, HDL and LDL, which are the usual components measured when testing cholesterol, are not cholesterol at all. They are lipoproteins. So if your HDL number comes back high, it means your "High Density Lipoprotein" levels are high. Not your cholesterol.

Remember: THERE IS NO CORRELATION BETWEEN Heart disease AND HIGH CHOLESTEROL!! 60% OF HEART ATTACK PATIENTS HAVE "LOW CHOLESTEROL" LEVELS!! (And yes, I am yelling, so that everyone can hear me!)

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Where can I find a list of cholesterol lowering foods?

List for cholesterol lowering foods can be found on websites such as,, and

Is lowering cholesterol hard?

No, lowering cholesterol is not that hard. You just need to eat foods with lower levels of cholesterol.

Do any cholesterol lowering drugs contain amphetamines?

No, there is no FDA approved drug for "cholesterol lowering" that contains amphetamines. It has no effect on cholesterol.

Where can I found out about cholesterol lowering diet?

There are many good foods that are beneficial to lowering cholesterol. In addition to fresh fruits and veggies, there are a lot of foods that contain healthy cholesterol. Please check out

Where can one find a diet to help with lowering cholesterol?

To lower cholesterol, one should set a target and count cholesterol intake in their daily foods. One can also consider medication to help with lowering cholesterol. There are more tips and tricks for lowering cholesterol online on WebMD.

Where can I find more information on cholesterol lowering diet?

WebMD has a wonderful article on cholesterol lowering diets at Another comprehensive site specifically devoted to this topic is Good luck!

What is cholestyramine?

It is a cholesterol-lowering drug

What is Colestid?

It is a cholesterol-lowering drug

What is Questran?

It is a cholesterol-lowering drug

Which cholesterol lowering diet plan includes tasty meals?

There is a good cholesterol lowering diet plan from Natural Solutions magazine. You can go here to read it:

Where can I find out more about cholesterol lowering diet?

The mayo clinic is a good source for cholesterol lowering foods and diet. They will show you the good and bad types of cholesterol in foods.

Lowering Cholesterol For Elderly?

There are many ways to reduced cholesterol. One can try to eat a low cholesterol diet, eat more fiber, and excercise more. There are also many effective cholesterol lowering drugs available.

Are citrus fruits good foods for lowering my cholesterol level?

Citrus Fruits are good for lowering Your cholesterol level. You are going to want to eat a healthy diet that includes them.

What types of foods are cholesterol lowering foods?

High fiber foods, whole grains and the like, are considered Cholesterol lowering. While your doctor can likely provide a list, this link at WebMD will also give you a good starting point.

Is there a good cholesterol lowering diet plan?

The best plan to lower cholesterol is eating enough whole grains. cheerios, whole wheat bread, and certain biscuits can help with lowering cholesterol.

Where can I find more information on cholesterol lowering foods ?

The Mayo Clinic has a website that should provide you with information about cholesterol lowering foods. Please see the following:

How does lowering my cholesterol improve my health and how can i lower my cholesterol?

Lowering your cholesterol level lessons the risk for heart attack and stroke, letting you live a longer, fuller life. You can lower your cholesterol by eating healthy and limiting the amount of fat you eat.

Where can I find info on lowering cholesterol?

To lower cholesterol, you should stay active and eat healthy. Medication may also help, as well as vitamin supplements. Fiber and fish are very good for lowering cholesterol.

Where can I found more out about cholesterol lowering recipes?

Cholesterol lowering recipes can be found anywhere. ask your doctor or pick up a book from a bookstore. the public library will have books on this.

What tends to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood?

Whole grains are good for lowering your cholesterol levels.

Are there any tasty recipes using cholesterol lowering foods?

There are many foods available that will assist you in lowering your cholesterol, as well as some very good recipes that I am sure you will enjoy. Here is some additional information on the foods and some recipes.

Does alcohol affect affect your triglyceride and cholesterol?

Alcohol improves triglyceride and cholesterol (raises HDL or "good" cholesterol while lowering LDL or "bad" cholesterol.

What are some diet plans for people with high cholesterol?

High cholesterol is a problem shared by many. Learning what foods to eat and how to prepare them in a way that will lower cholesterol could help one prolong the need to take cholesterol lowering medication.

What are the most popular cholesterol lowering foods?

The most popular cholesterol lowering foods are foods that are high in fiber, low in fat, and low in cholesterol. Some foods include oatmeal, whole grain fiber, fruits, and vegetables.

Is it rose wine good for lowering cholesterol?

Not particularly. But red wine is good for helping to lower cholesterol.