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Why do phase changes occur?


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phase changes occur because it depends on the tempature and if the phase didn't change then all the phases would be the same if there wasn't phase changes

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These are phase changes - All the energy that is added at this time is used to change the phase of the substance.

No. A phase change is a physical change because the substance undergoing the change does not have a change in chemical composition.

phase changes are always physical changes

Phase changes occur at the "melting temperature", the "freezing temperature", and the "boiling temperature". The numbers depend on the substance and the pressure.

Phase changes are physical processes.

The 'light phase' or 'absorption phase' is always happening when the sun is shining on a plant. The cell walls of leaves automatically are open to sunlight, usually at all times. Small changes may occur when it rains, or snows, or otherwise precipitates.

Phase changes are accompanied with optical contrast and therefore the feasibility of phase.

The melting phase changes are Solid~Liquid~Gas and the freezing phase changes are Gas~Liquid~Solid

The names of the six phase changes are freezing, melting, sublimation, deposition, condensation, and evaporation. These phase changes are physical changes.

Yes. It represents the temperature at which a liquid-to-gas phase change will occur. Phase changes do not change the chemical composition of a substance.

Sublimation occur directly from a solid to a gas, jumping over the liquid phase.

It is considered as the most dramatic prenatal phase as lots of changes occur in this stage and it is also the most hazardous of the three prenatal stages because most miscarriages occur at this time

The melting point and boiling point of a substance come under the category of phase changes. And the temperature at which these phase changes occur are related to the intermolecular forces holding the molecules of the substance together.

2 phase changes that are exothermic are condensing and freezing.

When you heat a liquid and it changes phase it becomes a solid.

When you cool a liquid and it changes phase, it becomes a solid.

the temperature at which a substance changes from liquid phase to gaseous is called boiling point.

Because atoms only go through phase changes

Freezing is the phase change that occurs when a liquidchanges into a solid.

a phase change is where you go and have sex and when the sperm comes outt there you go

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