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Why do pirate ships have three masts?


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AnswerThree masetd ships were used by all sailors who sailed the open ocean so for pirates who spent much time at sea three masted ships were ideal. Pirates who sailed, and raided, Coastlines preferred fast, sleek, single masted sloops which could out maneuver and out-run large, heavy three masted ships.

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"Pirate ships" nominally had three: the foremast, mainmast, mizzenmast.

The Santa Maria was one of three ships taken by Christopher Columbus to America in 1492. The ship had three masts.

one of his ships,the hope well was a which bark,a ship that had three masts,it was small and wooden.:)

Ships can be a noun: The ships had tall masts. Ships can be a verb: The company ships worldwide.

Martin Frobisher mostly sailed in barques. These ships had three masts.

Tall ships. More specifically, a Barque or Bark has three masts (possible more) fore and aft rigged mizzen mast. Barquentine, three masts with all but the foremost fore and aft rigged. A fully rigged ship, three or more masts, all of them square rigged A Schooner, three or more masts with fore and aft rigged sails

Ships in the 17th century were what they had been for hundreds of years previously and would be for a hundred years afterward: large wooden vessels with several tall masts and large, usually white sails. They are the stereotypical "pirate ships."

Schooners and clippers have three or more masts...

during what period of history were pirate ships the most active? during what period of history were pirate ships the most active? during what period of history were pirate ships the most active?

they were used for taking down masts of ships

Modern pirate ships are powered by engines. Pirate ships in olden times were usually powered under sail, or sometimes by slaves rowing.

the pirate is near the pirate ship the ship is one of the ships on the map

There are remote control pirate ships. I even found one that is based on the Pirate of the Caribbean movie. You can find them on and

It was simply the technology of the times. During the 'pirate era', virtually all ships were made of wood.

Usually, pirates either bought or stole their ships.

In the olden days ships used masts , today they use engines.

there are many types of pirate ships:Common Ships = Sloops, Schooners and BrigantinesSquare-rigged pirate ships= Merchant Carrier, Dutch Fleut, East Indiaman, Carracks and the Great GalleonOther Pirate Ships= Galleys and JunksHope I've Helped!!Bye :]

A barque a sailing ship, typically with three masts, in which the foremast and mainmast are square-rigged and the mizzenmast is rigged fore-and-aft.

Pirates stole it from merchant ships and government treasure ships.

food cannons and barrels

A caravel is one of the ships Columbus sailed in that has 2-4 masts and lateen sails.

A ship's rigging refers to the ladder-like rope that is attached from the Masts down to the outside edges of the deck.

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