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The planets in our solar system all orbit (revolve) around the sun on a plane called the ecliptic plane but each of their individual orbits has a different perimeter ranging from small (which would be the closest to the sun) to big (which would be further away from the sun).

Since Mercury has the smallest perimeter of orbit, it is the closest planet to the sun and is thus more drawn by the suns gravitational force, both its small perimeter and strong gravitational pull make it revolve around the sun faster, and the bigger the planets orbital perimeter is the further away from the sun it is and the slower its orbit is.

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What is the least times does a planet take to revolve around earth?

No planets revolve around earth they revolve around the sun.

Do all planets revolve around the sun in the same direction?

Yes, they do. The they take different times to get around the sun. In earth it is a year in another it is much more.

Why do different planets have different orbit times around the sun?

Because of factors like their mass and distance from the Sun

How many times will the moon revolve around earth in 92 days?

The moon revolves around the Earth one time every twenty four hours, or in a day. In 92 days, the moon with revolve around the Earth 92 times.

How many times does the moon revolve around the sun in 29 days?

The moon does not revolve around the Sun; it revolves around the Earth. One revolution takes a little under 29 days.

Are the orbits of inner planets relatively closely spaced?

some times because we revolve in an elliptical orbit which is like the shape of an oval

How many times does the earth revolve around its axis?

in one day: once. in a year: 365 times.

How many times does the moon rotate as it revolves around the moon?

I am sorry, but the moon does not "revolve around the moon".

How many times does the earth revolve around the sun in one month?

It takes one full year for the Earth to revolve around the Sun once. So, that being said, in one month the Earth revolves around the Sun 1/12 times.

Time needed to rotate around the sun?

One year for planet Earth, different times for each of the other planets.

How many times does earth revolve around the sun?

Earth revolves around the Sun once per year.

How many times does the sun's revolve?

sun does not revolve, the earth does

Which planets takes a longer times to rotate on its axis than to revolve around the the sun?

It is Venus. Venus takes 224 earth days to orbit the Sun while it takes 243 days to rotate on its axis. that is strange.

Does space shuttle revolve around earth before going to other planets?

Space shuttles are not designed to go to other planets, they stay in a near earth orbit, orbiting earth several times in a mission before returning back to earth. They don't really go far from our planet.

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