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to maximize their energy input.

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What do plants grow towards?

the sun

What flowers grow towards the sun?

mostly all plants grow towards the sun, but only flowers with a large necessity of sunlight turn towards it.

Comparition and contraction between phototropism and gravitropism?

If I am not mistaken, phototropism is when plants grow towards the sun. Gravitropism is when plants grow towards the ground.

What is the name of the process in which plants grow toward the sun?

The process of plants growing towards the sun is called positive Phototropism.

Do plants grow towards a light source?

Yes. My dad grew a bunch of plants near a window- they were clearly growing towards the sun.

Do plants bend towards the sun?

yes this is called a phototropism. Plants grow toward any strong light.

When a plant attracts the sun?

Plants do not attract the Sun. Sunlight comes form the Sun and falls on the surface of the Earth as a matter of physics and this would happen if there were no plants.However, plants are attracted to (grow towards) light.

Why do plants lean toward the sun?

plants lean towards the sun to gain nutrients, that is an adaptation. They also use th sun photosynthesis plants lean towards the sun for photosynthesis. When they leann towards the sun it is an adaptation

How does the position of the sun affect the growth of a plant?

Plants depend on the sun for energy. They will angle themselves so that their leaves get the maximum sun exposure. This is called phototrophic growth. Plants will grow towards the sun.

Can you educate a turnip?

No. Education requires an understanding that by doing something you will achieve a particular result. It is a proactive response. All plants are reactive. They do not grow towards where the sun will be, they towards where the sun is.

How do plants grow towards light and water?

plants grow with light.

How do plants respond to stimuli?

The stimuli that plants respond to include light, water and gravity. Plants grow towards light (phototropism). Also in some plants the flowers will follow the sun as it moves across the sky. Plant roots grow towards water (hydrotropism). Plant roots grow towards gravity/towards the centre of the earth (geotropism). Source(s): I'm a biology teacher. this is bullcrap it is fake

Why don't plants grow towards light?

Many plants do grow towards light, this is called being phototrophic.

Why does a plant start to grow up when it has been put on its side?

Plants have a complex set of hormones which control their growth and these hormones are responsible for the 'directional' growth of the plant. Simply put, plants will grow up when they are put on their side because 'up' is where the sun is and plants will always grow towards the sun.

Why do plants grow upward?

They grow towards the light!

To get more sunlight some plants do what?

A tropism is an environmental stimulus that affects a plants behavior. If you observe plants growing on a window cill or something similar, you will see they lean towards the window in an attempt to get more sun. Plants grow towards light in an attempt to get more sun. This is called Phototropism

Do plants grow better in the sun then in the dark?

plants were made 2 grow better in the sun

Tropism is the movement of plants towards or away from a stimulus?

Towards. As in, phototropism. The tendency of plants to grow towards light.

Do plants grow faster in dark or sun?

Plants grow faster in the sun. They cannot live without it.

Do plants grow taller in the sunlight or dark?

Plants actually grow taller in the dark, because plants grow towards the closest light source. If there is no light source, they continue to grow and try to find light, but because plants need the sun as an energy source, they will die if they don't find the light.

What does the sun do to plants?

The sun provides energy to the plants, which they need to grow.

Do all plants grow towards the light?

they grow biger

Why do plants grow better in the sun?

Plants grow better in the sun because the sun provides certain necessary nutrients for their growth.

In which direction do plants roots grow?

The roots of most plants grow towards the pull of gravity.

How radiant energy helps plants grow?

the sun helps the plants grow because the sun gives them energy

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