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Chip packages are filled with nitrogen gas to stop oxidation, and thus spoilage, of the chips. In the abscence of oxygen they cannot oxidize.


nitrogen being an unreactive gas,retards bacterial growth and keeps the ffod from decaying.


When fats and oils are oxidised, they become rancid and their smell and taste change. Food items containg oil and fat are flushed with nitrogen to prevent rancidity of oil and fat as nitrogen is an inert gas and prevent the oxidation of oil and fats.


Nitrogen is added to the potato chip packet to add strength to the packaging. Normally aluminum cans are used for packaging beverages, these beverages are carbonated drinks and the carbon dioxide present in them provides the internal pressure in the can and thus gives internal strength to the aluminum can. But in non-carbonated drinks, there is no carbon dioxide present and so Nitrogen is added to it to give the required strength to the packing.
To retard (slow) changes of oxidation.

(Stays fresh longer.)


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Potato chips absorb moisture from the air and get spoiled as these are no more crunchy.

to make a 150g packet of chips, it requires five to six raw potatoes or 600g of potatoes

They contain Nitrogen Gas (N2)

The Lays potato chips have an average of 9.5 grams fat in each 26 gram packet. That equals 147 calories and about 15% of one's daily fat allowance. This is quite low compared to some potato chips.

That would depend on the make. The answer is on the back of the packet under nutrition.

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Nitrogen is the gas found in potato chip bags. The gas prevents the chips form oxidizing and going stale.

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The nutritional measurements, including the fat content, will be written on the back of the packet or container.

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A bag of chips has at least a minimum of 130 calories. For more in-depth information about the calories in potato chips according to the bag/packet size, and whether plain or flavored chips, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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because they are little chips of the potato not big chunks

because they are "chips" off the potato. like a wood chip.

Potato chips were invented in Louisiana in 1853.

Potato chips are in the oils group.

when the food is exposed to oxygen for a long time rancidity occurs. for example, let us take the chips packet ; the packet is filled with nitrogen in order to prevent oxidation.

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A potato chip is called a CRISP in Britain. As in: a packet of crisps with your Guinness A french fry is called a CHIP as in: Fish and chips

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