Why do prisoners wear pink underwear?

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Because most prisoners, as all people, have inner goodness in their hearts and instead of sharing it with the world and the people on it, they decide to express it by wearing pink underwear. [It shows their soft side]
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How do you wear underwear?

you put the underwear through ur les and then u pell them up to ur waste

What can happen if you do not wear underwear with a skirt?

Answer: It all depends on where, when, and how long. I will be honest, during the summer months I actually prefer to not wear underwear with a skirt, however, I wear moderate skirts not mini-skirts. I have friends who don't wear panties with mini-skirts and they usually end up exposing themselves(ac ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to wear underwear?

Main reasons we wear underwear: - Hygienic purposes e.g whilst trying on clothes from a store - To feel comfortable and confident - Protect your private area from view e.g when changing in clothes in change room -Protect pants from stains - Holds sanitary pads - Privacy whilst wearing a skirt or dre ( Full Answer )

Does a boy need to wear underwear?

A boy does not need to wear underwear if he does not want to. As long as he keeps himself clean and bathes or showers daily there is no problem. Although many boys find it uncomfortable to go without underwear for long periods. It is more hygenic to wear underwear.

Why does other Muslims do not wear underwear?

That is not true. There is nothing that may prevent Muslims from doing so. However, Muslims never wear underwear on Hajj as that is one of the rules/ traditions. It is the same in Pakistan and many hot countries where it is more healthy not to wear, and I prefer not to. But no religious reason e ( Full Answer )

Why do men wear underwear?

Politeness . Comfort . To avoid damp spots appearing on their trousers . To conceal some of their body parts from being seen easily Most of the overall population have the idea that they HAVE to wear underwear to be normal, but in reality underwear is only a recent invention, and because most ( Full Answer )

Is it ok to wear girls underwear?

\n. \nIts okay to wear girls underwear if you feel comfortable in them , but i would buy your own pair from a shop because you could catch something from another person.

Do cheerleaders wear underwear?

Cheerleaders do wear underwear. The then put bloomers on top to prevent their underwear from showing.

How do you make a child to wear underwear?

If it is a boy, buy underwear with cartoons or tv characters they like on them.If it is a girl, get underwear with barbies, ponies, or princesses on them.

What underwear does Sean flynn wear?

He wears tighty whiteys. In the Zoey 101 movie the last episode. Chase falls of a building and you can see his white skimpy underwear

What underwear to wear running?

If you are a guy: under armour has some boxer briefs that breath and support you. I wear athletic hip briefs. Again, it breaths and supports me and feels comfortable.. If you are a lady: under armour has some appearel for women such as support bras and shorts.

Do you wear underwear over jockstrap?

Not usually. Usually when you have a jock on, you don't wear anything else with it, just your athletic gear on top of it. However, if you are wearing compression shorts, sliding shorts, hockey shorts, etc., you should wear those over the jock. Some people (inexplicably) wear a jock under a swimsuit, ( Full Answer )

What underwear should a footballer wear?

You should wear an athletic supporter at the very least, personally I would definatly wear a cup too, for added protection, although this is a personal choice and depends on your position.

Do colonial people wear underwear?

Yes, generally long johns, and worn in colder weather. Men wore long shirts made of cotton that were tucked into their pants. Women wore an under dress called a shift, made of woven cotton over which was often worn a corset like garment with wood or whalebone stays, and hoops or panniers that tied a ( Full Answer )

Should you wear underwear with pajamas?

Ideally no, however, a person can wear underwear depending on whether they are excreting below, in some shape or form such as wet dreams or period blood. Depends on personal choice if you want to wear underwear do. I'm a boy of 13 and I always wear briefs under my pajamas. They are helpful if y ( Full Answer )

Why dont men wear underwear?

Some men don't wear underwear because they feel it is restricting.There is also concern that the friction and additional heat canreduce sperm count.

How do you wear underwear properly?

carefully place your right leg through the right hole and proceed to do so with the left. Once accomplished, firmly tuck your penis into the frontal lobe of the underwear. do not proceed if erection occurs.

What do prisoners wear?

Normal prisoners, or inmates, wear a orange or black & whitestriped jumpsuit, or whatever the prison clothing is. In somesituations, a prisoner might be required to wear a mask to avoidthe possibility of biting others and/or a straight jacket. In theevent a prisoner is taken off grounds, they would ( Full Answer )

Is wearing underwear necessary?

Underwear is not a 'compulsory' item of clothing, but it may be appropriate depending on the situation. For example, lounging around the house, or a really hot day, you may choose not to wear underwear for comfort. However, going out somewhere or some sports, underwear may be a good choice. Und ( Full Answer )

Why do ladies wear underwear?

clothes would be very uncomtable without them and knickers erm you really wouldn't want to look up someones skirt and bras support the breasts

How can you say your mom to wear underwear?

I am confused by your question, are you saying your mom doesn't wear underwear and she shows a bit too much?? or are you saying you have never worn underwear and want to tell her to buy you some?? I hope its the latter, and if it is then why if you haven't worn it before, would you want to sta ( Full Answer )

Should a boy wear underwear?

yes he should wear underwear for many reasons (1) to hold your penis and balls in place (2) to protect you from getting goner (3) just because you are a boy

Is it bad to wear underwear to bed?

No it is not bad to wear underwear to bed it is actually more comfortable. I sleep in just underwear even when i have my period

Do you wear underwear while swimming?

Swim in your underwear... Its really fun!!! Its especially funnywhen you dive in the pool and they fall down, or if your friendpulls them down underwater.

Why do girls always wear underwear?

I'm guessing that this is a guy so........ why do guys wear underwear. Yeah, it's pretty simple. Hope I helped:)

What Is the risk of wearing the same underwear?

Do you really have to ask this question? Its just good hygience to change your underwear... after a daily shower... yeast infections, sweat, rash, odor, urinary tract infection,,, they are all possibilities... man just change them.... for real...

Do Amish women wear underwear?

Yes, Amish women do wear underwear. The underwear they wear usuallycovers their entire leg area and it is made from a very thickfabric.

What color underwear do people wear?

People wear underwear of different colors. Many wear white, but underwear can be red, black, green, blue, yellow or any other color.

How many guys do not wear underwear?

Any guess is good, since some guys might decide not to wear underwear on a random day, but as a general rule, the hotter the climate the less clothes people wear.

Why is your underwear pink?

The underwear is pink either because the company that manufactured it chose for it to be pink, or it was originally white and then washed with something red. Or...you had your period.

What underwear do tough guys wear?

Wear G-strings, it shows that you don't care what people think of you, and people think you are tough, believe me, it's what i did.

What underwear should a girl wear?

Growing young girls should wear natural fibers such as cotton and preferably white due to the dies in the colored underwear that could lead to bladder infections or allergic reactions. Thongs should not be encouraged in premenstrual girls or teens under 17. A young virgin female should have ample ti ( Full Answer )

What do prison guards wear in prison?

A prison guard typically wears a uniform, easily distinguishable from that of the inmates, in order to be identified easily. They usually consist of a buttoned shirt with the insignia of the State they serve, slacks, and hat/helmet, and gloves. The hat/helmet is sometimes standard, sometimes not. ( Full Answer )

Do you have to wear underwear with a leotard in gymnastics?

You don't HAVE to. It's not required in the USAG / FIG rules. However, for any young lady over a certain age, it's recommended to maintain modesty (not to show pubic hair or labia). Most US elite and international competitors wear one of the following: 1. a full "liner", like another leotard. Usual ( Full Answer )

Why do you wear pink?

because if you wear pink it helps make a cure for the woman that has breast cancer

Is it illegal to not wear underwear?

In most countries, yes. It is illegal to not wear underwear, especially so if you do not wear clothes. While it is illegal and if found you could be jailed, it is ok not to declare that you aren't wearing any. In fact it would be illegal for policemen to strip you to check if you are wearing any, so ( Full Answer )

What do horse jockeys wear as underwear?

Jockeys typically wear protective underwear. This is to protect their genital from the high impact sport of horse racing. As jockeys are typically weighed before an event, this underwear must be protective but lightweight.

What underwear do teenage guys wear?

Teenage guys are as different as anyone else. Underwear is apersonal preference. Different guys wear different types ofunderwear.

Do girls like wearing no underwear?

Well as a female,I don't like wearing panties because I like myprivates to be able to breath.it is also really nice when I amwearing a skirt and I need to go,I can just squat and go do mybusiness (peeing or pooping) .