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Why do puppies suddenly stop eating as much?

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2007-02-09 21:03:27

Like children, puppies can go on and off food. They may simply

not like the food you are giving them and ALL dogs love people

food! They aren't stupid. LOL I have two dogs and they know they

have to eat their dinner before getting that little piece of

chicken or beef or a veggie. We DO NOT feed our pets from our

plates, but we do save a little chicken or beef and then when the

plates are ready to be washed I'll put the bits of meat into their

bowls. Slowly introduce your puppy onto a different brand of food

(FOR PUPPIES) which can be bought at any pet store. Get a small bag

of dry food and some tins of food. Puppies need very little food

(depending on the breed) so ask the person in the pet store how

much you should feed the puppy after you tell them what type of

breed the dog is. There is a great different from a Cockapoo (small

breed) and a Lab pup. Of course the Lab pup is going to need a

little more food. If this doesn't work then it's time to see your


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