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its for Grip. Quarterbacks lick their fingers because its gives em more grip 2 the pigskin on the ball. some players don't even lick their finger. and some, like colt brennan, just wipe it with a towel. some like Peyton Manning lick it and rub their fingers together. 2 me, that works the best. Some wipe sweat off their faces for the same effect. Supposidly the full maneuver is to lick the fingers, then wipe them on the towel. That way, you get the extra �tack� without the fingers being slippery. One problem is, if you�re going to lick your fingers, you have to do it before every snap, not just the ones on which you�re about to throw. Otherwise, the defense will notice you doing it and know the coming play is a pass.

AnswerQuarterbacks lick their fingers because the moisture helps them grip the ball better. They do it more during cold games because the ball gets harder.
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Q: Why do quarterbacks lick their fingers just before a play?
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