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for maximum grip in the dry

What are the names of the gases in racing car tires?

Answer . Air is contained in Tires\nAir contains.\nNitrogen N2 78.084% 99.998% \nOxygen O2 20.947% \nArgon Ar 0.934% \nCarbon Dioxide CO2\n0.033% \nNeon Ne 18.2 parts per million \nHelium He 5.2 parts per million \nKrypton Kr 1.1 parts per million \nSulfur dioxide SO2 1.0 parts per million \nMet ( Full Answer )

Why do race cars have different tires to normal tires?

Two things racecar tires have to worry about with that your family car tire does not. \n \n1. Heat dissipation and rubber melting rate, racecars want the rubber to melt a little, but not too much. \n \n2. Stiffness, they want very soft rubber, but they don't want it to deform under acceleration, t ( Full Answer )

Which gas is pumped into tires of racing cars?

Nitrogen is the gas of choice for tires. Nitrogen has about 5 parts per million (ppm) of water where as compressed air has about 500 ppm. This allows for a more predictable tire pressure change during a heat cycle.

Gas put in tires of racing cars?

nitrogeon is used to inflate race car tyres due to the consistenttyre pressure throughout different tempertures.

What is the dimension of race car tires?

NASCAR© Winston Cup TRUE TIRE HISTORY Wheel and Tire Characteristics: The 15" wheel rim is made of steel, fixed to the hub by five nuts (imposed by NASCAR). Formula 1 wheels use a single nut and four tire changers (two in NASCAR), which largely explains the difference in the pit stop durati ( Full Answer )

Why is nitrogen in racing car tires?

Nitrogeon is used in race car tyres due to nitrogeon particleseliminate moistures and tyre pressure variation depending on thetemperture. This gives the driver better control of the car.

How does NASCAR tether tires to a race car?

They do not. I think only Formula 1 does to protect the crowd. They go well over 200mph. When Bill Elliott first went over 200 at Talladega back when, NASCAR's answer was the restrictor plate, used to slow the cars down.

Why are gases used in car tires?

There's moisture in air. When you fill your tires with compressed air, the moisture goes in the tire too. Moisture then has potential to rust out the rim from the inside. They use other gas (nitrogen?) that doesn't have moisture. Usually garages will put green air valve caps on tires filled with gas ( Full Answer )

Which gas is put in the tires of racing cars?

in England its nitrogen. and I think in formula 1 as well. Nitrogen. Nitrogen. Its expansion and heating rate is much lower than plain air. air traditionally. but they are now filled with nitrogen nitrogen

What gas is used to pump racing car tires?

That depends on the type of race you're talking about; nascar, dragcar, an Indy, off road, etc....... But for the most part, they all have one thing in commen, a high octane. Higher octane means, burns fast, better, and is better for you car.. (the only racing car they might not use high octane fue ( Full Answer )

Why do racing cars have smoother tires?

So that they can drive faster in races. That is the basic answer, but its so they can stop later, turn faster, and stick to the road. More rubber means more grip, and more grip means going faster.

Can you use car tires on a trailer?

No, reason: trailor tires are made so that the side walls can take the strain of "road sway" while pulling a trailor. if you've ever followed someone towing a trailor you might have seen it swaying back and forth from time to time. car tires are not designed for that kind of stress.

How much does a race car tire cost?

It depends on a bunch of things, new or used, and what type of racing tire(drag, road race,NASCAR) I live in North Carolina, I get them free, or cheap. I have them lining my driveway and they are full of rocks. you can get a hot lap tire that has had maybe 30 laps on it and still plenty of tread for ( Full Answer )

What is used to make car tires?

rubber Rubber is used with many other things to make different tires, depending on what they will do, once on a car.

Which gas pumped in the tires of racing cars?

I think it is Nitrogen. The normal air mixture pumped into regular road cars is not efficient at high speeds and will lose pressure easily. If that happens there could be catastrophic consequence at high speed. That is why they use nitrogen If you pump nitrogen into the tires of your regular road ( Full Answer )

A gas is put in the tires of racing cars?

Nitrogen would be the word you are looking for. its because the expand and the heat ratio of the nitrogen is lower then air. very good question

Why are racing cars low with wheels wide apart?

If the mass of the racing car is low , it is able to move faster; and if the racing car has wheels wide apart , the mass is spread on a large area and can travel faster and cover a bigger area at one time.

Why is nitrogen used in tires of racing cars?

nitrogen has significantly less moisture than compressed air. By eliminating as much of the moisture as possible you have a much more stable and predictable air pressure increase as the tire heats up.

What are the best race car tires?

An argument can be made that Firestone has the bets racecar tires, as Firestone tires have not been subject to controversies that have befallen Goodyear in the last ten seasons.

What kind of tires do race cars use?

There are many kinds of tires because there are many kinds of race cars and conditions. Nascar (Cup, Nationwide, Trucks) use Goodyear slicks that have many different compounds for different tracks and differing temperatures. One compound is used by all competitors which allegedly puts everyone on an ( Full Answer )

Why do you put nitrogen in racing car tires?

Nitrogen is used in my race car because: . Nitrogen is easily carried and stored in significant quantitieswith out having to carry a compressor . Nitrogen (for various reasons) creates less pressure changes asthe tires warm up, as tire pressure is critical to performance isallows easier and more a ( Full Answer )

Why is abs widely used in cars?

Because humans do not have the ability to brake and release sufficiently fast enough to stop and not skid. ABS removes this problem. Just stomp on the brake and let the electronics worry about how to do it.

Is helium used in car tires?

My new Chevy Equinox came from the dealer with helium filled tires. Since this cost money,what happens on a trip if they leak and I need to add air?

Why race cars have broad tires?

Classical surface friction is independent of contact surface area yet automobiles still benefit from broader tires because of supplementary forces involved. Because the tire is deformed under loads, it cradles every imperfection in the road surface. The greater the surface area, the greater the numb ( Full Answer )

Do they use helium in car tires?

Not normally. Most stations use just plain ordinary air. Some places are starting to use nitrogen in the tires. those places that do use nitrogen, do so as to reduce loss of pressure over a much longer time-period, as supposedly, the molecules are 'bigger-fatter' than those in regular 'air' /s ( Full Answer )

Why racing car's tires are wide and bald?

They are wide to gain maximum traction and bald because they are only used on dry tracks. In wet weather, racing tires with treads are used.

Is a car considered a real race car is it is not used for racing?

Not at all, even if the vehicle was once used for any type of profesional racing does not make it a race car. Just because a car is fast does not make it a race car either. Even if the car is currently used for street racing, it is not legally a race car. Everybody wants to call their car a race car ( Full Answer )

What kind of tires are used in racing cars and why?

There are different types of tires depending on what kind of racing they're doing. But pretty much all racing tires tries to be grippier than regular tires. This usually means that they wear out faster, and create more road noise than regular tires, which no one really cares about if can win them th ( Full Answer )

Why sulphur is used in car tires?

Natural Rubber is like chewing gum. To make a stable usable product you mix in sulphur and heat the mixture up. This is called Vulcanization. This is how tires, Bouncy balls, etc were made until the second world war. Since then the process is similar but the ingredients have change to give us synt ( Full Answer )

Why are the tires of racing cars made smooth?

Traction and grip The more rubber of the tyre touching the ground the more the tyre will grip the road. However, in wet or poor conditions a "wet" tyre will be put on. which has grooves to help expel the water.

What kind of tires do drag racing use?

Mostly specialist tires made by relatively small manufacturers. I see many Mickey Thompson, Hoosier, Hankook and Goodyear Eagle tires at drag meets.

How are car tires used?

Car tires cover the wheel rim. They are made of rubber with grooves to provide traction and act as a cushion to absorb the shock from large bumps or jolts.

How does a burn out ruin tires on race cars?

A burn out will ruin tires on race cars by burning up the rubber. The rubber of the tires will get worn from the friction of the pavement causing the tires to tear.

Where can you dispose of used car tires?

Many transfer stations will take old car tires but there may be a small fee per tire in some places. Call your local transfer station.