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Why do scentist metric systems?

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Metric system is used by everyone, not just scientists. However, science and scientists have great influence of standardization of metric system to match everyday use.

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Is a meter customary or metric?

The opposing systems are imperial and metric, not customary. But, meters are metric.

Who inspired isaac newton to do what he did?

i think that all the scentist inspiredhim so the he became a scentist

How much is 10 inches in the metric system?

its actually 67 metric systems

What are the 2 systems of measurements?

The Two systems of measurement are Imperial and Metric.

The metric systems is based on the factor number of?

The metric system is based on a factor of 10.

Are SI system and Metric systems the same thing?

No. The SI system is a metric system, but the metric system isn't SI.

Which of the British and Metric Systems is conducive to science?

Metric system should be used, to have international standardization.

7 How do you interpret imperial and metric systems of measurement?

Imperial and metric systems of measurement can be interpreted by a metric conversion table and chart. The measuring scheme is available from various online companies like French Property Company.

What was the name of the metric system of measurements?

imperial system * * * * * The Metric and Imperial systems are alternative systems! The metric system is properly known as the International System of Units, abbreviated, from its French name: Système international d'unités to SI units.

The basic unit of mass in the metric system?

In the SI, that is the kilogram. (Older "metric systems" used the gram instead.)

What is the basic unit for metric time?

The second is the base unit for time in both metric and Imperial measurement systems.

Basic unit and symbol in the metric system for length?

The metric systems base unit for length is the metre (m).

Is ounces in the metric system?

No, these are part of the British Imperial and US customary systems. Grams are the closest metric equivalents.

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