Why do school buses have chains on the undercarriage?

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These chains can be swung out by the driver (inside the vehicle) to drop just in front of the drive wheels to improve traction when weather conditions require their use If some of you don't know what these are, here are a few pictures. Back then we had to twist a lever, kind of like a garden hose faucet. Now I'd immagine they have an easy to use switch. You just turn on the chains and they drop from the bottom of the bus. They get spit out and land under the tires for traction and spin as the wheels move. They don't actually wrap around the tires, they just catch under them where it's needed most. No need to have to manually wrap all the tires of a 100 bus fleet. Totally automatic. It's really a neat thing to see them in action!

http://www.vonslatt.com/bus-body.shtml Yes on the newer buses there's a toggle switch for them, there known as on demand chains
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Why are school buses yellow?

I think school buses are yellow because not many cars are yellow so they will stand out more. School buses are painted chrome yellow for its high visibility Also because the federal safety people say it has to be. So technically yellow school buses are a federal law

Do school buses have to stop at a yield sign?

When driving a bus, some of the rules are different. Buses do have to come to a complete stop at any T intersection or place where roads merge, even if there is no stop sign there. I believe the same goes for a yield sign, since roads are joining together there.. No, the schoolbus does not.

Why are the tops of school buses white?

According to a New York Times article (http://www.nytimes.com/1992/06/17/us/cooling-and-safety-trend-for-buses-white-tops.html), bus tops are painted white to help cool the interior temperature.. "Painting the bus tops white dropped the interior temperature an average of 10 degrees during the summe ( Full Answer )

When did school buses originate?

An Englishman, George Shillibeer, was credited for introducing the first "School Bus", albeit it was horse-drawn, used to transport up to 25 children to a Quaker school.

What is busing?

The word busing can be two different things. For starters, it canmean transportation with a communal road vehicle. It also can meanremoving dirty dishware from a table.

Why do school buses stop at railroad crossings?

Why do school buses stop at railroad crossings? 1. It is the law that they have to stop at all railroad crossings. 2. If the school bus got hit by a train it would be devestating with a bus full of kids. 3. Would you want to get hit by a 50 mph train that will not be able to stop for over 1/2 ( Full Answer )

What is Buses and what does it do?

Data bus - transfers data round system address bus - CPU provides the addresses to where the data must be fetched, through this bus control bus - timing and signals which control data flow in the system.

Are school buses running in Ottawa?

In fact, the school buses are running in Ottawa and the school's are open but there might be a delay. We will be getting another 5cm of snow today and then going to rain in the afternoon. So kids if you do go to school, you might be going home!

How long are school buses?

School buses vary in size. They can be as short as 8 to 10 feet long or as long as 40 feet.

What is the carrying capacity for school buses?

It depends on the number of passenger seats. It is allowed to carry three small children per seat but only two adults per seat. If there are 24 seats max capacity is 72 children but only 48 adults

Why are school buses white on top?

Cheap air conditioning. Lots of students create lots of heat, and it's impractical to air condition something that large. A white roof will reflect the sun, rather than absorb the energy -- in the same way a white shirt is cooler than a black shirt on a sunny day, a white roof will lower the inside ( Full Answer )

Why do school buses have white tops?

Because the white reflects heat and keeps the bus cooler. They would get extremely hot with all the students if the roofs were not white.

Why are school buses tall?

School Buses are tall because tall people ride them and people have to stand up to walk down the isle.

Why are the roofs of school buses white?

The roofs of some school buses are white because these buses areair conditioned. The white roof deflects some of the suns warmingrays.

What color are school buses in Europe?

There is no set colour for school buses in Europe. Europe has about 50 countries and they have lots of school buses of all sorts of colours.

Why the school buses are coloured yellow?

All school buses are yellow because if they weren't yellow, they wouldn't be very easy to see in the dark. If people couldn't see school buses, then many people would miss the bus. Yellow school buses in the dark are easier to see than dark colored buses would be. If school buses weren't yellow they ( Full Answer )

Why are school buses made with flat fronts?

School buses are made diffrent but why are buses made with Flat Fronts? People think they are safer and they can be but all is not what it seems. some people don't care about bus safty.People make them for money to help a LOGO.

Should all schools provide school busing?

In my opinion they should. However, not all school boards have a budget for student transportation. Smaller communities cannot afford to bus students in.

What is the white flashing light at the top of the school buses?

The flashing white strobe on top of school busses is also on top ofall EMR Vehicles. The Stobes are speaking to the traffic lights..M2M ( Machine to Machine ). When the smart traffic lights detectthe stobe, they are qued to change to green, or prevent fromchanging to red. This allows emergency traff ( Full Answer )

Why do school buses have a stop sign?

They don't want something bad to happen. They are telling all of the people and other vehicles to stop. If they don't stop, someone can get run over or in an accident. I think you can get a ticket for not stopping also! And by the way............ Why do have Barack Obama as one of the subjects?

How come school buses bounce?

I think it is because of the weight and the suspension bounces all that weight up and inertia takes it from there until gravity pulls the bus back down.

What do buses do?

A bus is a motor vehicle with usually anything from about 7 to 80 seats - although the longest bus in the world has about 300 seats. It is used to transport many people from one place to another, using just one vehicle - rather than the multiple vehicles should they make their own journeys. Buses us ( Full Answer )

What would happen to school buses if the earth died?

They type of death that befell the earth would determine what happened to school buses here. If all life just vanished, the buses would begin to rust and then eventually fall apart. If the earth was "killed" by a large body from space, the buses could end up vaporized, pulverized, or blown off the p ( Full Answer )

When buses are canceled should school be closed?

If a large percentage of students are taken to schools on buses,school should be cancelled and it normally is. If a very smallpercentage of students take buses to school, then schools mightremain open even though some stidents would miss that day.

When do school buses do routes before school?

Bus Drivers do a pre-trip, just a basic inspection of the bus to see if everything is ready to go. Before afternoon runs, probably sit and watch tv while eating pizza. ;)

Is the diesel fuel used in school buses dyed?

No. Since a school bus travels "over the road" it is subject to the fuel tax, unlike agricultural fuel, for example, which is dyed red and tax free. If dyed fuel is found in an over-the-road vehicle, the owner/operator can be subject to fines of up to $10,000 in the USA.

Do school buses have seat belts?

Some school buses do have seat belts throughout the entire bus. For the most part, buses do not have seat belts. They tend to have seat belts in the rows closest to the front end. It depends on the town, village, city, that owns the buses. Some places make them regulation to have entire buses full o ( Full Answer )

Why school buses have yellow color?

School bus yellow is a colour which was especially formulated for use on School Buses in North America in 1939 . The colour is now officially known in as National School Bus Glossy Yellow and was originally called National School Bus Chrome . In April of that year, Dr. Frank Cyr , a prof ( Full Answer )

Do school buses have seatbelts?

Newer school buses do have seatbelts. However, it is expensive for school systems to buy all new buses every year, and most counties and districts only replace a certain number of buses each year. This means that, though newer school buses do have seatbelts, not all school buses currently in use are ( Full Answer )

Are the green buses just for school children?

Before state departments of Transportation- such as NJ Transit- which was inspired in part by a series of bus strikes. There were a number of associations of bus operators in a given major city ( does not apply to New York which has MABSTOA)_ which is part of MTA- metropolitan Transit Authority) Jer ( Full Answer )

How many schools buses are in a mile?

It depends on the size of the school buses. In some rural areas they can be quite small - minibuses. It also depends on whether they are lined up alongside one another or one behind the other.

How do you get a CDL for school buses?

First, you take the written tests (General Knowledge, Air Brakes (if applicable), and Passenger). Then, you have to submit fingerprints and undergo a state background check (for the S endorsement, which is a passenger endorsement specifically pertaining to school buses). You'll then get a learner's ( Full Answer )

How can you get your school to bring back late buses?

In most cases you cant. School buses are on strict schedules for not only one school or destination but many others. Once they leave your stop you pretty much need to walk or contact a family member or friend to give you a ride to school. But one way to not miss a bus if your stop is unreachable as ( Full Answer )

Can school buses stop on the interstate?

School buses can have stops on the interstate. I have been driving for 19 years and 7 of those years, I have had a stop on the interstate. it was an 8-lane....... only the drivers on my 4 lanes had to stop. I would put on my amber flashers about a mile early and everyone stopped!!!

Why school buses are painted in yellow?

School Bus Yellow Other standards at Dr. Cyr's 1939 conference also applied to improving school bus safety. The most recognizable standard was the development of school bus yellow as a standardized school bus color; the attendees considered yellow the easiest to see in dawn and dusk, and it co ( Full Answer )

Why are school buses important?

School buses are important because they transport students who livein the country to and from school. They also transport students toactivities and ballgames.

What is undercarriage?

a wheeled structure beneath an aircraft, typically retractedwhen not in use, that receives the impact on landing and supportsthe aircraft on the ground.. the supporting frame under the body of a vehicle..

Do school coach buses have a bathroom?

Hired coach buses might have a bathroom, but a yellow school buswill not. But these should only be used for extremely desperateconditions. Use restrooms at places you visit whenever possible.The holding tanks on the coaches do not have infinite storage forhuman waste, and it's the bus driver that ha ( Full Answer )