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Scientists think there may be liquid water on Europa that we could live off of.

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A subsurface ocean, an oxygen atmosphere and potential for life.

The moon scientist think might have life is Europa. It has oceans 3 to 60 miles under ice.

Scientists believe that there is liquid water, under the crust of Europa.

As far was we know the development requires water in its liquid for to be present and a source of energy to supply/drive chemical reactions. We know that deep down Europa has a liquid layer (of water) and the geysers of this water into space proves that there is energy in Europa's core.

because in earths Antarctica there is a layer of ice and under it there is water so that is why scientist hypnotise that

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They think that life might exist on Europa because they have found evidence of liquid water on Europa. Hope this helps. :) <3

This is a rather tautological question. If conditions are favorable for life to develop then, by that very definition, it has a chance to develop.

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If there is liquid water on Europa, there might also be life..... iquess

Some signs of intelligent life have been detected in Europe, which makes people suspect the conditions might be right. More research is needed.

Possibly. Europa has an ocean of liquid water under its icy crust, which might have light.

Europa is covered with ice and underneath a layer of ice there is an ocean that scientists think might have life living in it. Also Europa has many cracks on it.

Europa may have lots of things that scientists may not know and it may have a rocky surface to.

Because Europe is one of the candidate solar system objects that might have developed extraterrestial life. It is suspected to have liquid under surface water ocean and heat, which is favourable conditions to originate life. (Like the life begun near under water volcanic vents on the ocean floor.)

He or she states the problemThe scientist forms a hypothesis, a possible solution to the problem. The simplest solution is often the best solution.Next, a scientist might want to perform a controlled experiment. A controlled experiment can give a scientist more information about his or hers hypothesis.Results are recorded and analyzed.Using the data the scientist can develop a conclusion.

Europa shows signs of having a saline environment, which could be amenable to life.

A liquid ocean below it's ice crust.

scientist might concluded that the snakes budding

They believe there is liquid water underneath its frozen surface. If there is liquid water on Europa, there might also be life.

Because each scientist may have a different viewpoint and see things differently.

Because europa has the same impact rate as her sister but europa is one of the smoothest planets, meaning there would be water rising and forming more ice making it look like there is no craters.

Europans, although they might confuse them with Europeans

When the scientist is trying to represent an object or a system.

A scientist might use a model as a research method for a few reasons. This model could tell the scientist how something moves for example.

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