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Why do sea otters have thick hair?

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they have layers of hair

in order to keep themselves warm in cold water

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Why is sea otters hair so thick?

They have thick hair because they have layers of hair(:

Are sea otters hair hollow?

sea otters do have hollow fur to help them float... so yes sea otters have hollow hair.

Why are sea otters hair so thick?

to keep out the water. the oily fur helps keep warmth in and water out!

Does sea otters have the thickest fur?

Sea otters have thick furs but they all not the ones with the thickest fur.

What Adaptations do Sea Otters have?

thick fur insted of blubber waterproof hair 2 keep dry feet fully webed

Do otter have fur?

Yes, Yes they do Sea otters have exceptionally thick fur, Considered to be one of the most dense of any animal. Generally speaking otters have insulated underfur that is protected by their outer layer of long guard hair.

Sea otters reproductive?

yes, sea otters have young sea otters called pups

What is the habitat of sea otters?

a sea otters habitat is the sea

How do humans hurt sea otters?

They eat them with chopsticks and add armpit hair

Are sea otters mammals?

All otters are mammals, including sea otters.

About how many sea otters are left?

Since 2010, there are around 3000. This including, California sea otters, Alaskan sea otters and Russian sea otters.

How many hairs do otters have?

Sea otters have roughly 1,000,000 strands of hair per square inch, or 150,000 per square centimeter--making sea otters the species with the densest fur of any animal on earth.

Why is a sea otter's hair so thick?

because it wanted to grow thick

When were sea otters invented?

Sea otters were not invented.

What is the difference between seals and sea otters?

sea otters have fur and otters don't

What sea otters eat?

Can sea otters eat humans? no

Where do California sea otters rest?

where do sea otters rest

Do sea otters live in the sea?

yes they do live in the sea that's why they are called sea otters.

Are sea otters primary consumers or secondary consumers?

Sea otters are secondary consumers. This because sea urchins are primary and sea otters eat sea urchins.

Where do sea otters live in the sea?

sea otters live on the coast or near islands

How many marine otters are left?

There are three types of the marine otters the Alaskan, the Russian and the California sea otters. There are about 3000 California sea otters and around 150000 Alaskan and Russian sea otters.

Do sea otters communicate?

Yes, sea otters do communicate they communicate with other otters by rubbing noses

Do sea otters have gills?

Sea otters do not have gills because they are mammals.

How long do sea otters get?

Sea otters get to be 4 to 5ft long

Where do sea otters excrete?

sea otters excrete in water and on land

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