Why do sharks like fish and not humans?

Humans isn't on there menu when they come to look for food. Sharks sometimes mistake surfers laying on there boards for seals. They usually take one bite and leave, knowing that it wasn't a seal. They eat fish because it's apart of their daily routine and diet.i have learned that it is a terrible myth that sharks eat humans. jaws and other discovery shows disgust me. in fact, more people per year are killed by vending mechines than be sharks! please don't spreed this horrible rumor.

The reason why sharks don't like human flesh and prefer fish is because there is a chemical difference between human and fish blood, (I'm not completely sure about this, i was told this years ago-still trying to find confirmation) fish blood has much higher levels of copper whereas human blood has higher levels of iron. That is why sharks only ever take exploratory bites, and when they realise it doesn't taste right, let go! hope this was helpful :D