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Q: Why do shopkeepers keep baskets of fruits in front of a large plabe mirror?
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Usually shopkeepers keep fruit baskets in front of mirrors why?

Fruit baskets are kept in front of mirrors by shopkeepers to show off the fruit and gourmet items which are on the back of the basket, as well as to make the fruit basket and the whole shop seem bigger by giving the exact copy of the shop on the other side. It is the same reason you would put a mirror in a small room to give it the appearance of being bigger.

Is a mirror's surface transparent?

Not if the mirror is front silvered.

Where can you meet you?

in front of a mirror?

Why do shopkeepers keep baskets of fruit in front of large plane mirrors?

because it looks nice i guess. i mean really when you see it it makes you wander and u start looking around the store for other weird things and u end up buying something, don't you.

Riddle i are you and i am me i am togetherness and i am who is he?

I think , its a mirror.. he/she is talking himself in front of a mirror...

How can you create mirror image of a given object?

Put a mirror in front of it.

Where can you find yourself?

In front of a mirror

How do you look in the mirror?

stand in front of it

Does a convex mirror magnify?

a convex mirror magnifies any object that is in front of it.

What is a Rolls-Royce mirror worth?

royce rol front mirror price

When you view your in a plane mirror how far behind mirror is your image compared with your distance in front of the mirror?

same distance

How can you do a frontflip?

by practicing in front of a mirror lol

If a letter P is place in front of the mirror what is the mirror image of the letter P?


What will a fish do if you put a mirror in front of it goldfish?

it will contunialy ram itself against the mirror

Why does Aaron grandmother hold the mirror in front of the bird and Aaron?

Aaron's grandom holds the mirror in front of the bird to show how beautiful they are. She holds a mirror out for Aaron because...................SHE SMOKING CRACK!

Where is the the image produced by a plane mirror located?

It appears to be located behind the mirror at the same distance as the object is in front of the mirror.

When light strikes the large concave mirror of a reflecting telescope where is the light focus?

In front of the mirror

When light strikes the large concave mirror of a reflecting telescope where is the light focused?

In front of the mirror

What color is a mirror reflecting another mirror?

That's impossible to tell. You can't get in front of the first mirror to see the "true" color.

Where can you find pictures of fish in front of a mirror?

How do mirror form an image?

A mirror is formed by a glass plate with a reflective coating behind it. A mirror reflects the right that hits it, thereby forming an image of what is in front of the mirror.

How does light coming form barrys tie reach his eyes in front of a mirror?

the mirror can reflect anything

What type of mirror is a side view mirror on automobiles?

its the square mirrors that are on the sides of your car front doors.

What is image of your face?

When you stand in front of mirror wht you see you see your

What does mirror mean?

mirror mean: when you look through it you can see a reflection of your self.