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they eat to many potatoes

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Do snakes have forked tails?

no... but they hav forked tongues!

Do garter snakes have forked tongs?

Yes. All snakes have forked tongues.

Do all snakes have forked tongues?

Yes. The forked tongues allow two of the five senses, smell and taste, to react. Hence the two points.

How many tongues do snakes have?

Snakes only have one tongue it may look like they have two as their tongues are forked. The tongue splits at the end making it appear it has two tongues.

Do snake has nose?

Yes, But most snakes use their nose for smelling; some snakes use their forked tongues

Do geckos have forked tongues?

Geckos do not have forked tongues as a snake would.

Why do some snakes have forked tongues?

All snakes have forked tongues. A snake uses its tongue to smell, flicking it out to collect odor molecules, and the flicking them up into the Jacobson's organ, a sensory organ in the roof of the mouth. The fork gives a snake's smell a sense of direction, by figuring out which fork carries the strongest smell.

Does snake bite with his teeth and or tongue?

While a snake's forked tongue looks dangerous, it really is not. Snakes actually smell with their tongues. If snakes bite, they use their teeth

Do sperm have tongues?

Yes, forked tongues. As well as mouths. And tonsils.

How do garden snakes use their tongues to eat their prey?

The tongue of a snake does not play a role in eating and swallowing as it does for humans. Rather, snakes use their tongues to smell. The forked shape allows them a direction sense of smell to help the snake find prey.

Do leopard geckos have forked tongues?

No they have flat rounded tongues like us

What do snakes us there tongues for?

Snakes use there tongues for a lot of thing. Snakes use their tongues for smell and to find food.

What is a king cobra behavioral?

King cobras,like other snakes, receive chemical information via their forked tongues,which pick up scent particals

Which animal can see even without eyes?

most snakes cant see very well or not at all with their eyes. They rely on their forked tongues to smell and sense things

Where is the forked tongue on extreme challenger you spy book?

One forked tongue is one of the snakes by the dinosaur and the other is one of the blue monsters snakes tongue.

How many tongues do snake have?

A snake only has one tongue, which has a forked end.

Do snakes have split tongues?

Their tongues split into a fork shape.

What do snakes use their tongues for?

breathingWrong!The snake's tongue is an olfactory (sense of smell) organ.they smell with them. They stick the tongue out and then move each forked half into pockets in their head. There are sensors in the pockets that act like smelling. That is why their tongues are always going into the air and back into their heads.

Do iguanas have forked tongues?

No, they don't. they have a little split on the end of their tongue, but not an actual fork

Do frogs have long tongues?

Frogs have a long, sticky forked tongue that they use to catch insects.

Can snakes sting with their tongues?


Why do snakes flicker there tongues?

This is how they smell

Do snakes smell from their tongues?

Yes they do

What flicks out of a snakes mouth to sample a scent?

It's forked tongue.

Why do snakes have long tongues?

Snakes have long tongues because that is how they smell and see. They use the tongue as one of their senses; that is why it is always going in and out of their mouth.