Why do so many celebrities have cesarean sections?

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May 05, 2009 4:27AM

I've always assumed that it's more out of convenience than necessity since you can schedule it in advance and can more easily work around a 'busy' celebrity schedule. Also, when it comes to pain, the idea of a painless birth probably seems appealing to someone who is used to leading a pampered lifestyle and so a Cesarean would be an obvious choice if your goal is too avoid pain. There's also the issue of avoidance of passing sexually transmitted diseases onto your baby--with so much promiscuity among celebrities, it is not unreasonable to assume that there is a prevalence of STD infections among pregnant celebrity women (particularly HPV and Herpes) and a Cesarean-section is really the surest way to avoid passing such an STD onto your baby. Opposing Viewpoint. I wondered if this was in fact true myself. However http://www.herpes.com/pregnancy.shtml makes it seem as if C-sections are hardly recommended to people who have Herpes unless the have an active outbreak and got Herpes in the last Trimester. Still ignorance of this information by just about everybody including myself could also lead one to believe that the are getting C-sections because they believe they are protecting their babies from infection. Some doctors have covered an infected external spot with gauze, while some midwives have covered them with superglue.