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Why do so many countries speak French?

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So many placed speak French because they were colonized by the French, at times through an act of war with the country, and they took it by force. 28

these are:

Belgium, Benin, Burkina-Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic,

Chad, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, France, Gabon, Guinea, Haiti,

Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mali, Monaco, Niger, Republic of Congo, Rwanda,

Senegal, Seychelles, Switzerland, Togo, Vanuatu

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Why are their so many countries that speak french?

Because France had many colonies in the 18th and 19th century, and the first thing is when you colonize a country, is to teach your language to the people and children that are living in those countries. So that is why today many countries speak french.

Why do some south American countries not speak spanish?

South American countries where Spanish is spoken are those who were colonized by Spain. These countries are: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Brazil was colonized by Portugal so they speak Portuguese Suriname was colonized by the Netherlands so they speak Dutch Guyana was colonized by the United Kingdom so they speak English French Guyana was colonized by France, so the speak French :)

Why does Africa speak french the most?

African countries speak French the most because the French had claimed the land theirs, so the French people spoke french to the africans (the africans became slaves) and the africans learned the language.

How many countrys speak french and put it in numbers?

many countries speak french but not all put them in numbers.the only one's that do are probly the ones near France and Paris but i know that Canada does. so maby it's the one's that half speak french i only say this because Luxembourg doesn't. i hope that didn't confuse you as much as it coNfused me................

How do you say 12 in Europe?

There are many countries in Europe and many different languages, so there are many answers to that question, not any one single answer. So it depends on what country in Europe you are in. In England you would say twelve, whereas in France it would be douze, as they speak French there. In Spain they speak Spanish so it would be doce and in Italy it would be Venti in Italian. There are many other countries and languages.

How do the French speak French?

how did you learn your own language? that's how they learn french, so how do you speak English? That's how frence speak french?

Why are so many labels for cat treats and cat toys also in French?

Likely the company sells to countries that speak English or French. For example, products might be sold in US and Canadian markets.

What countries DON'T speak French?

Well, the countries that don't speak French are:IndiaEnglandAntarcticaThailandMalaysiaAmericaAfricaChinaJapanthat is it.Shimke writes:America and Africa are not countries, but continents. There are millions of French speakers on each of them, in countries such as mentioned in answer to the question about where French is spoken. Antarctica is also a continent, but has no native population, so that no language is spoken there except those brought by visitors.

Why do so many countries in Africa speak European languages?

So many countries in Africa speak European languages because many European countries invaded and colonized Africa, particularly:Francethe UKSpainPortugualThe Netherlands

What is 2 cents in English money?

Many countries have cents & many countries speak English; so we can't answer the question.

What countries surround a country where people speak German Italian and French?

The country where people speak all three of those language is Switzerland, so the countries surrounding it are Germany, Austria, France, and Italy.

Why Africa has so many French speaking countries?

Because it does!

English to African?

African isn't a language, most countries in Africa speak English and French.This above is not true Africans speak so many different languages it is hard to count, they don't just speak English and French, in fact those are two of the most least spoken languages in all of Africa.

Why are there so many French speaking countries?

Because the French colonised many countries in the 1700s through late 1800s. The same can be said of other countries and their languages. English, Spanish and Portuguese are good examples, as the British, Spanish and Portuguese colonised many countries, as did the French.

Why is french spoken in Africa and other countries?

Africa is a continent, not a country. It has over 50 countries. Some of its countries and some countries around the world were French colonies or colonies of French-speaking countries like Belgium, and so there are French influences in them and French is still spoken in many of them.

How many people speak German in Luxembourg?

The speak both German and french so German is not the official language

Did William the Conqueror speak french?

Yes, he was born in Normandy so he did speak French

Why is it useful to speak french?

American chicks dig the French language and find their speakers hot, and so do many other European countries (prejudices ftw). I don't know how they're viewed by the Oriental cultures though.

Why are there so many french speaking countries in africa?

former colonisation

Why does Germany speak French?

Some people in Germany speak French, but it is not the main language, so only some Germans speak French, not all.

What is green in Canadian?

The majority of Canadians speak English, so the answer is green.French-Canadians speak French, so the answer for them is vert.

Why did Djibouti start to speak French?

Djibouti was once ruled by France so they speak French.

What places in Europe speak french?

France (of course!) Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco. The border areas around these countries will also have large communities who speak French. Also, Spanish and Italian have related historical roots to French (similar pronounciation, vocabulary, grammar rules, etc), and so simpler French sentences/ words/ phrases can sometimes be understood by people who speak these languages even if they do not speak French.

How do you speak Bonjour?

Bonjour means french so just learn to speak french, bonjour means hello in french.........

Do people speak french in australia?

Sure! Most kids in other countries learn more than one language, so why not learn french! It might be difficult to find anyone who would speak french with you if you were on a trip and didn't know anyone in Australia...Perhaps researching french clubs in Australia would be helpful to find areas where people will speak french.