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Why do so many people love to watch NASCAR?

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A lot of people think its boring watching cars go in a circle over and over but once you have a favorite driver that you really like, you can really enjoy it.

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How many people watch NASCAR in the US?

According to NASCAR themselves about 20 million.

How many people watch Nascar compared to football?

not many people watch nascar compared to football which most of the world players(unless your talking about American football)

How can they tell how many people are watching nascar?

Exactly how they tell how many people watch a show or football game. The channel provider gives them the information.

How many Nascar officials watch a pit stop?


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Why do many people love to watch sport?

they have their own reasons

How many people watch sports at home?

Between Nascar, Football and Basketball alone, hundreds of thousands of people watch sports. In 2007 alone, 139 million people from 232 countries tuned in to watch the superbowl. In 2009 it was more like 141 million.

How many people watch Family Guy?

alot of people it is a very popular show and I LOVE IT

How many people have gotten hurt in Nascar?

Hundreds of people have been hurt in nascar sanctioned races. Many people have also lost their lives. It is a dangerous sport.

How many people are employed throughout NASCAR?


How many people go to local racetracks and watch Nascar?

All the people I know, and I used to race at many tracks, and alot of motorcycle racers watch also, If people like local track racing its a good bet they like Nascar, as far as I know all Nascar drivers came from small tracks. My husband and I sponsor a short tracker and we and about 400 other short track fans travel 1&1/2 minimum to see the racing ======================= A figure quoted by racing journalist Chris Economaki puts the number at 55 million.

What are Cledus T. Judd's two songs about NASCAR?

I think there is only one song that he wrote and performed -- "I Love NASCAR" - a parody of Toby Keith's hit "I Love This Bar." There are many other songs about NASCAR, but they were not written or performed by Cledus T. Judd.

How many people watch legend of the seeker?

9001 .... A lot I'm sure, I love the show.

How many people are on the NASCAR roster?

48, that have cars and sponsors.

How many people have died in Nascar since 1945?


How many people drive in an official NASCAR race?

In a Nascar Cup and Nationwide Series race there are 43 drivers. In a Nascar Truck Series race there are 36 starting drivers.

Do people use wetlands to hike and watch birds?

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Why do so many people love to watch Nascar racing?

I am a NASCAR fan and I enjoy the sport because I like the inside camera views showing how fast the cars are going. It also allows people to have pride in their favorite driver and friendly disagreements with other NASCAR friends. Attending a race also offers a special thrill to hear the cars zip by in a blink of an eye and to see some many people gather together with a common interest. I like to watch NASCAR because of the sight of 43 cars going around a track at 200 mph. The sound you hear from the engines as they zoom past you, the smell of fresh burning rubber. Everytime you hear the word caution your heart skips a beat and your mind wonders if its your driver that crashed, or how you can get into an argument with your friend trying to decide who really caused the wreck. But what I like most is the fact theat you can never have a Dale Jr fan who is also a Jeff Gordon fan. I love the groups of people who have their driver and no one else. Its also cause you have all those young guys trying to make a name for themselves and the veterans trying to prove the world that they still have what it takes on the same track at the sametime. That's why I love NASCAR. I agree with that last 1 but a true race fan should not want to watch when Gordon wins.

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How many countries watch NASCAR?

Just about any country that has tv watches it. It is one of the most popular sports in the world.

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How many NASCAR Racers are there in all of NASCAR history?

there have been 847 drivers in nascar

Why do many people love to watch sports?

For the Love of SportsSports are kind of like a thriller movie and they keep you on the edge of your seats until the end of the game.