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perhaps they had those 4 3rd molars also known as wisdom teeth removed. i have seen 2 or 3 cases in 27 years of dentistry that never had these teeth.

or they may have had the 4 bicuspids removed to facilitate orthodontic treatment.

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Q: Why do some adults have 28 teeth instead of 32?
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Why do some adults have 30 teeth instead of 28 or 32 teeth?

People have 30 teeth are because they got their wisdom teeth pulled out. It is sometimes required for some people. The wisdom teeth interrupt proper biting form and tooth alignment.

How many teeth does an adult human normally have?

Out of 32 adult (permanent) teeth, most adults have 28(wisdom teeth extracted), or 24(wisdom teeth and one premolar in each quadrant extracted). Most adults in their 40's have the latter, because it was common to extract the 4 premolars for orthodontia at that time. Most younger adults have 28 teeth. Some adults have all 32. I would say the average adult has 28 teeth.

How many teeth does an adult human possess?

Most adults will have 28 or 32 teeth depending on whether they have their wisdom teeth. Some People may be born with supernumerary (extra) teeth or with some teeth missing.

How many teeth do human adults have?

The normal complement of teeth in adult humans (including wisdom teeth) is 32. Some people do not get wisdom teeth (3rd molars) and their normal dentition is 28.

How many adult teeth do you get?

i think adults get 28

How may teeth does the average adult have?

Most adults have 28 teeth plus 4 wisdom teeth= 32 teeth.

What is the number of deciduous teeth in adult?

Adults have 32 teeth unless the wisdom teeth are removed, then the number is 28. Deciduous teeth are baby teeth and an adult has 0 of these.

Do adults have a total of 32 permanent teeth?

Yes and no. Adults generally have 28 permanent teeth excluding the wisdom teeth. Most adults will not develop all 4 wisdom teeth, which would bring the count to 32, had they. However, the amount of teeth can change during adulthood depending on tooth extractions, wisdom teeth, or malformed teeth.

How many teeth in a adult?

actually 32..but most adults usually have 28...

How many teeth to you lose as a kid?

Children lose a total of 20 teeth. That is all the teeth that children get. Then their adult teeth start coming in and replacing their first set of teeth. They will get a total of 28 to 32 as adults.its about 20

Can a person live with only 24 teeth?

Certainly! Most adults only have 28 the other 4 being wisdom teeth that may never fully develop. A person can live with no teeth... Solid foods are out of the question though.

How many teeth do people have?

Many adults have 32 teeth:8 incisors4 canines8 premolars12 molars (including 4 wisdom teeth)Children start out with zero teeth, but usually by age 3 they have all of their primary teeth (or "baby teeth"), which are 20 in number.By thirteen, most kids have lost all of their baby teeth and have a full set of 28 permanent teeth. Then, between the ages of 17-25, we get wisdom teeth. If there is room in your mouth for those to grow in, then you end up with a set of 32 teeth. If not, and they have to be pulled, then you end up with a set of 28.We have 32 permanent teeth, if we look after them we will have them all of our lives.

How many teeth do you have with out wisdom teeth?

28 teeth with wisdoms

How many teeth does a rabbit have?

the rabbit have between 28-34 teeth4000

How many teeth does any adult have?

32Young adults have 28 teeth. 4 more teeth arrive in early adult hood (often described as wisdom teeth) at the very back of the jaws. So they have 32 teeth when these teeth arrive. If your question is how many teeth does the average adult lose to dental problems, accidents and other occurences I don't know the answer. It probably varies by occupation. Boxers and other people who take part in contact sports may get teeth knocked out. People with bad diets may lose teeth to eating too much sugar. Some people lose teeth at the orthodontist because their mouth is too small for all the teeth they have and some are removed to make room for the others to grow straight. I don't still have all of my teeth and I'm a fairly average adult!

How many teeth does a average human adult normally have?

The normal complement of teeth in adult humans (including wisdom teeth) is 32. Some people do not get wisdom teeth (3rd molars) and their normal dentition is 28.

How many teeth does a normal adult have?

The normal adult dentition is 32 teeth, including the third molars (wisdom teeth). Some people do not develop third molars, so normal dentition for them would be 28 teeth.

How many teeth do rabbits have?

Rabbits have a total of 28 teeth.

How many teeth are in a fully grown adult?

28 teeth

How many adults were on the Mayflower?


How many permanant teeth do humans have?

28, not including wisdom teeth. With wisdom teeth, 32.

1991 v2500 suburban how can you tell if it has a 28 or 30 spline in the front rear end?

Type your answer here... you will need to take the yoke off the front diff. and count the teeth on it. if it has 28 teeth its a 28 spline or if it has 30 teeth its a 30 spline

How many teeth are in the adult in a full set?

28 teeth. ========== Actually, there are 32. However many people get the four molars pulled at some point.

How many teeth should my poodle pup have?

Poodle puppy's have about 28 teeth.

How many teeth are in a 10 year olds mouth?

your suppose to have 28 teeth if you have only 24 teeth you are missing 2 teeth at the top and 2 teeth at the bottom