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Because its either they are nocturnal(see well at night)Or their prey comes out at night

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Q: Why do some animals feed at night?
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What do animals in the desert eat?

Some animals feed on plants that grow in the desert. Other animals feed on other animals. Some feed on both.

Do you feed nocturnal animals at night?

No, at least for some nocturnal animals. Raccoons, however, tend to overeat often, so feed them regularly. animals like owls, though, eat around midnight.

How often do they feed the animals at the shelter?

Most shelters feed twice a day, morning and night. However, some animals may be fed more often, such as puppies that need more nutrition and energy.

What kind of stuff do desert animals eat?

Some animals eat grasses and other plants. Other animals feed on these animals that feed on plants. Some animals are omnivores ad feed on both plants and other animals,

What do the real vampire bats feed on?

Usually from farm animals at night.

Why do animals in deserts feed at night?

It is generally much cooler at night and most prey animals only emerge in the relative safety of darkness.

What animals that feed on other animals?

Animals that feed on other animals are called 'carnivores'. Some of these are lions, tigers, wild dogs, hyenas and wolves

What do nocturnal animals do through the night?

They hunt or feed . Mostly ))) They basically do what -animals that are awake in the day- do during the day .

Why do bugs come out at night?

Most bugs come out at night as they are nocturnal. Many animals and insects are nocturnal and come out at night to feed and scavenge.

Where do vampires feed?

Anywhere. They feed on mainly humans but, some do eat animals.

What are cathemeral animals?

Cathemeral: Animals that are not truly Diurnal, Nocturnal or Crepuscular. They are active/feed during both day and night.

Does any animal eat at night?

the answer is YES! Many animals hunt at night in order to have a higher opportunity to feed themselves. Animals such as owls and hawks, are nocturnal hunters. They both hunt for animals such as rodents.

Do some animals feed on there young?

Yeah some species of sharks do it.

Do animals eat plants too as well as animals?

Some animals feed exclusively on plants. They are called Herbivores. An example is a horse. Some animals feed exclusively on meat. They are called Carnivores. An example is a lion. Some animals eat both plant and animals. They are called Omnivores. An example is humans.

What feeds off other animals?

There are many things that feed off of other animals. Animals feed off of other animals and we feed off of animals.

What gift do farm animals receive at midnight on Christmas Eve?

They just receive more feed for the night.

Do all animals hide at night?

No some hunt their prey at night

What animals eat salmon berries?

There are not very many animals that feed on salmon berries. Some bears and certain types of birds feed on the berries.

Why do vampire bats feed on the same animals every night?

Yes it depends if they have other things there that they like then yeah they would feed on other things the yeah the answer is no.

What animals feed the young?

All animals feed their young.

Why do we have to feed animals?

Simple answer If you don't feed the animals they will die.

What eats animals when they die?

scavengers such as vultures Bacteria, insects and some animals which feed on carion.</

Do mammals have night terror's?

Some animals do and some don't.

Are mollusks nocturnal?

Mollusks include animals like snails, squid, mussels, clams, and more. Some mollusks are indeed nocturnal, meaning they move and feed mostly at night.

Do foxes come out at night?

Foxes are mainly nocturnal animals and typically hunt at night. They do come out during the day as well and when they have young foxes to feed, they often are seen more during the day as they hunt to feed their young.