Why do some companies rate golf balls in colors such as Callaway Red or Callaway Blue?

In the days of old the color that the number was marked in was supposed to relate it to its compression. However, this practice was done away with about 15 years ago. Even then it wasn't an exact science as balls would come in a range and then be grouped as if they were all the same. Nowadays it is purely marketing...I can attest to selling them for the last 20 or so years that very few people have any idea what the difference would be nor could they tell a difference in a blind test. A professional would opt for a softer performance ball while most amateurs would play a harder 'distance' ball. Today we have the best of both worlds. The most major improvement in many peoples minds may be clubs but any tour player will confess that the ball has revolutionized the game more than any other piece of equipment in the last 10 years.