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  • The black marks are called eye black (a greasy black substance, not sure of its composition) and eye black strips (simple strips of black adhesive that doesn't smear or stain clothes).
  • The black stops some light from reflecting in to the players eyes. This helps them handle the glare from lights and sunshine. Some players also wear a lot to try and intimidate the opposition
  • Eye black is a grease applied under the eyes to reduce glare. It is often used by Baseball and American football players, where sunlight or stadium lights can impair vision of an airborne ball. Eye black has been used for centuries to help reduce the glare of the sun.

Traditional grease consists of beeswax, paraffin, and carbon. Anti-glare face stripes that emulate the grease are also commonly used. One of the earliest known instances of a player wearing eye black is baseball legend Babe Ruth, who, in or around the 1930s, used the grease in an attempt to reduce sun glare. According to Paul Lukas of, eye black caught on with football player Andy Farkas. He also states that the original eye black was made from burned cork ashes.

A 2003 study by Brian DeBroff and Patricia Pahk tested whether black eye grease actually had anti-glare properties. The subjects of the study were divided into three groups: wearers of eye black, wearers of anti-glare stickers, and wearers of petroleum jelly. The subjects' vision was tested using an eye chart while being exposed to natural sunlight. The study concluded that eye black reduced glare of the sun and improved contrast sensitivity, whereas commercial anti-glare stickers and petroleum jelly (the control substance) were found to be ineffective. A further study which set to improve DeBroff's methodology also found eye black to reduce glare from the sun, but less so in blue-eyed individuals and males.

Some athletes, particularly at the college level, began a practice of placing short messages or Bible verse references on their eye black. On April 14, 2010, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) approved a proposal effecting "that players are not allowed to have any symbols or messages on their eye black starting in the 2010 season.

Most modern NFL & NCAA players just use it as war-paint.

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What do football players put under their eyes that is black?

What football players put under their eyes that is black is simply called "eye black." It is used to reduce glare from the sun, and it can consist of beeswax, paraffin, and carbon.

How many black lines do football players wear underneath their eyes?

One under each eye. Anything else is a personal choice with personal meaning to the player.

Why do footall players wear black lines under their eyes?

Iit makes them look harder then they are

What are the black lines under a baseball players eyes called?

It's just called "eye black." Real creative, I know.

Why do football players wear black stuff under eyes?

To absorb light (it is supposed to cut down on the glare).

What is the black stuff under football players eyes?

Its called eye black and its used to reduce the glare from the sun. Usually a form of grease/carbon is used but more recently players have been wearing black strips

What is the thing football players put under ther eye?

A black substance (not sure what) to lessen the brightening effect of the suns' rays.

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What is the purpose of the black stripes under a football players eyes?

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Cheetahs use these tear lines to block the sun out of their eyes. Just like football player when they put the black make up on to get the glaring of the sun out of harms way. So cheetahs use these tear lines to walk around for new territory or hunting with running. That's why the cheetahs have tear linesOne way you can tell a cheetah from other spotted cats is by the dark lines that run from its eyes to its mouth. These lines are called "tear lines". These dark areas may help to protect the cheetah's eyes from the glare of the sun. Have you seen a football player have black lines under there eyes when they play? They protect their eyes just like the cheetah does.