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Why do some gay people marry?

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They are in love like heterosexuals and want to be married because they want to be monogamous. Just like heterosexuals they want to say their vows for life to each other and try to stick it out together "until death do you part."

Also, and most important, they want to enjoy the same legal rights and protections as opposite sex couples in a loving, committed, long term relationship. Many people do not realize, or recognize, that in the United States, marriage is a civil legal status. Many different officials are allowed to perform marriage ceremonies such as justices of the peace, ship's captains, judges, clergy and any private citizen who applies for a one-day permit in many states.

However, the marriage cannot take place unless the couple has applied for and received a civil marriage license which the person who performs the ceremony must sign. It should be noted that a promise to have children is not a legal requirement (or prerequisite) of obtaining a marriage license and many legally married people choose to not have children.


As a gay person legally married to another man, we chose to enter into a civil marriage for the same reasons heterosexual couples marry: we love each other and want to provide our relationship with the legal protections civil marriage provides. (For example, the right to make medical decisions for each other in the event one of us cannot decide for himself; assurance that when one of us dies the other will automatically have the rights of a surviving spouse.)

We have "benefited the State" by remodeling two houses and paying the increased property taxes on them; by being gainfully employed (more taxes); by participating in government at all levels, etc. just like heterosexual couples, including those without children.

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Why do some gay people not want to marry?

Many gay people fight for their right to marry. Those whom do not wish to marry, simply are not seeking marriage, as there are straight people who do not wish to marry.

How many gay people marry straight people?

Gay People typically do not marry Straight People.

Why don't some gay people marry?

Some do, but in some states it is illegal.

Can you marry gay people?


Should gay people have the right to marry?


Is it illegal for gay people to marry each other in Texas?

Two people of the same sex are not permitted to marry each other in Texas. However, the way your question is worded, you leave open the option for a gay man and a gay woman to marry each other, which is legal.

Is some people gay?

Yes, some people are gay.

How do gay men marry women?

sometimes closeted gay men marry women, IN fact, in some countries, closeted gay men always marry women. They obtain a marriage license, just like anyone else.

Are unmarried people gay?

they might be. There are gay people who marry opposite sex partners for a variety of reasons. And while gay people couldn't historically marry, there are plenty of straight people who simply enjoy NOT being married or perhaps haven't been able to find someone for themselves.

Can gay people be catholic?

Yes, however the Catholic church requires gay people to be celibate AND not marry.

Do gay people have rights in the United States?

Yes, all gay people in the United States have some rights, but depending on the state, they may be lacking some important rights, such as the right to marry, and the right to not get fired from a job for being gay.

Do anti gay people want their children to marry closeted gay people?

I'm willing to bet that's not something homophobic people ever think about.

Should gay people marry?

Yes, gay people should marry. Marriage is between two people that love each other not only between a man and a woman. Men should be able to marry men and women should be able to marry women. Gays should have the same rights as straights, we are all human.

Are gay people denied the right to marry?

Assuming you are referring to their right to marry the person of their choice, yes. In some jurisdictions, same-sex couples are not permitted to marry. In some jurisdictions, they are. In other places, they can obtain the same rights and responsibilities as a married couple, but their relationship cannot legally be called a "marriage."

Do gay people want to marry?

Some wish to. Others do not. It's probably about fifty-fifty for existing cohabiting same-sex couples.

Do gay people have the same rights as straight people?

Gay people do not have the same rights as straight people. The major rights that gay people are fighting for today are:The right to marry the person they loveThe right not to get fired just for being gayThe right to adopt children (in some areas)The right for healthy gay men to donate blood and organsThe right to walk down the street and not be harrassed or attacked

Are gay people comfortable being gay?

Some are, some aren't. It appears that gay people who have come out -- publicly acknowledged being gay -- are more comfortable than gay people who are "in the closet," that is, who hide it.

How gay can you get?

Some people are 100% gay. That's as gay as you can get.

Why do some people look gay?

if straight people look gay, its because some women like men that act like that, if they are gay and look gay, then they are gay...

Why are gay people so funny?

Some gay people are funny and some are not. Being gay has nothing to do with being funny.

Why do some gay people want to marry?

Many gay people want what everyone wants. Love, stability, and a family. Marriage matters. Marriage creates a sense of stability and a warm, loving household. Marriage also gives many legal benefits that unmarried couples are denied.

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Can you be gay and Marry your dad?

No. it doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, you cannot marry a parent anywhere in the world.

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