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It sure sounds like an allergic reaction to either food or laundry soap. I have fair skin as well and I can always tell if I have eaten something that doesn"t agree with me when I get raised blothy red "welts" on my skin. ( usually my chest)

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What texture are tortillas?

The texture of tortillas are bumpy,and hard.

What is the texture of fluorite?


What is the texture of a jaguar?

its bumpy

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Rough, bumpy

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rough or bumpy :)

Is the surface of Venus's bumpy or smooth?

Bumpy. It has a very rocky texture, so it wouldn't be very smooth. Venus is a bumpy planet.

What is the texture of a strawberry?

Bumpy, squishy, furry, and soft!

What type of texture does a sandstone rock have?

bumpy and smooth

What is texture in art?

Texture is a characteristic of feeling. Examples of texture are smooth, bumpy, etc. You can create texture on a painting by using spackling, sponging, etc.

What is the texture of sedimentary rocks such as sandstone?

smooth or in some cases bumpy

What are adjectives that describe a texture?

Rough, smooth, bumpy, etc. hard

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It's bumpy because the cucumber is already bumpy so that why pickles are bumpy

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It is very very bumpy like not smooth

What is irons texture?

it depends on what form its in (rough,smooth,bumpy,scratchy,ect.)

What is the difference between actual texture and visual texture?

Actual texture is texture that you can feel, whereas visual or implied texture is when something looks like it has a texture it does not. For instance, the actual texture of a painting may be smooth, but the visual/implied texture may be rough and bumpy.

What does a sharks skin feel like or what is its texture?

mostly they are smooth but somethimes they can be rough or bumpy

What is the texture of a starfish?

The texture of starfish skin depends on the species. Many have bumpy, spiny or prickly skin, while others have smooth skin.

What is the texture of the fetal pigs trachea?

Type your answer here... the fetal pigs trachea feels smoothly bumpy because the connective tissue that forms around the trachea but when that gets cut along the dissection then the trachea would feel rough, rigged and bumpy.

What is the texture of germanium?

Germanium is a metal with many rough edges and smooth bumpy flat areas

What is the difference between smooth er and rough er?

The difference between rough and smooth is the texture. Rough things have a bumpy, abrasive texture. Smooth things have are not rough.

How does surface texture affect the amount of friction between objects?

friction occurs because surfaces are not perfectly smooth , even ice , which looks perfectly smooth , actually has a bumpy , uneven surface.