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Why do some men have curved penises?


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It has to do with genetics. The way the penis bends is perfectly normal.
why are some small? why are some big? every mans body is different and they come in all shapes and sizes


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They have that because they have masterbated to many times with there left hand so its curved.

it means that when a penis is erect it curved upwards while some erect penises are just straight.

Your penis is usually in proportion to your height, but there are always exceptions. You can't say ALL short men have smaller penises, but some do. On the other hand, some short men have long penises.

Some men do this. Most do not.

Both straight and curved penises are considered normal. Some penises curve to the right, left, up, or down, and some don't curve at all. Unless it is causing painful or the inability to have intercourse it doesn't need to be corrected, and is just a variation of normal.

Most penises do, you are normal.

Because men have Penises... period.

No, we are average, with some larger and some smaller.

No, uncircumcised penises can be curved as well.

No, there are men with larger penises than others. However, has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Most Philippine men do not have circumcised penises.

Im no doctor, but I'm pretty sure that no man has more than one penis. Some men actually do have two penises. As to how, I don't know. I'm actually trying to find out myself.

Curved penises are a turn on for some women. Not quite answering your question, just sayin...

Yes, however for most men, it's only their own penis that they like. For gay and bisexual men, their interests in penises are broader.

In every ethnicity there are big penises and small ones too.

men have penises, women have vaginas.

All men have penises (gay or straight).

Most penises are curved one way or another, that is normal. When a penis is so curved it can't perform sexually a operation might be needed.

Men are men. Some are longer, some are shorter, most are about average. Where they come from doesn't make a difference.Regardless of ethnicity, men are individuals and vary in the size of their body parts.

Only men have penises.

no...!! ....this is not conditional....!!

As long as your curved penis doesn't prevent you from having sex, or as long as it doesn't bother you, there is nothing that you need to do about it. Some men's penises curve to the left, some to the right, some up, and some down, and these are all considered variations of normal. If you do feel that you need to have it corrected, you can talk to your doctor about what can be done about it.

A country in Africa for sure. Tribal men in Sudan and Kenya have very big penises in general.

They like to think so.

yes. its the smallest in europe

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