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Most likely it is not a true addiction and is more characteristic of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder... A true addiction has a basis in some kind of physiological response.

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Q: Why do some people become addicted to eating cement?
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How people become sexual addicted?

People become addicted to sex if they have too much of it or if they have too little they seek for it until they become addicted. Try having sex maybe once or twice a week.

Do all people get addicted to drugs?

No, not all people become addicted to drugs. It depends on the type of drugs as well as the type of personality the person has, which makes some people more likely to become addicted than others.

Can you get addicted to smoking paper?

There are people that are addicted to eating pillows, eating glass, smelling farts and etc. So, I guess technically, yes, but not very likely

Why do people not care when they become addicted to something?

Because they love the thing they are addicted to so much.

How long does it take to become addicted?

Depends on your body. Some people get addicted quite easily, but some don't. For example a pack of cigarettes will be enough for one person to become addicted, and for other months are needed to become addicted (like me :D ).

What causes people to become addicted to marijuana?

the nicotine

Can you get addicted to i-doser?

It is impossible to become chemically dependent on it, but people may enjoy using it on a daily basis, but you can't become addicted.

Can you get addicted to a cigar from one puff?

Yes, some people can become addicted after just one try.

Do people get addicted to World of Warcraft?

Unfortunately, yes, some people can become addicted to World of Warcraft. Whether it is the social aspect of the MMORPG or if it is the feeling of power in the game that one can get from play the game, they become addicted and start jonesing to play it when they are offline. Sometimes, people can become so addicted, that they do not leave the computer for anything. Food, water, bathroom breaks, all become unimportant while playing the game.

Why might people become addicted to drugs?

because there crazy

When people become addicted what is the biggest reason they continue to use?

They're Addicted. No Self-Control and the impulse to keep buying. But mostly they're addicted.

Can someone be addicted to marijuana?

I belive that yes, you can be addicted to weed. But not like you are to cig's or crack. You could try smoking weed one, like it, and smoke it nonstop due to a persay "addictive Personality" which is the reason I have never smoked weed in my life. Cause of my addictive personnality. Usually I disagree with people that say it is addictive, but this guy is right. If you have an "addictive personality" then yes you can become addicted. You can also become addicted to working (workaholics) and eating. Does that make working and eating bad? No. If a person is weak minded or likes to blame others for their problems, they they might become addicted. But to answer your question, I say no marijuana is not addictive by nature. Yes, anyone can become addicted to marijuana as it is a drug that gives a high, and highs are usually the reasons for addiction.

Why don't fat people just stop eating?

because they are addicted to eating they are ashamed of eating so much so they eat their feeling away

When did people realize that chocolate could affect them?

People finally realized that chocolate affected them by when they would eat the sweet tasty treat the would become a chocoholic and be addicted to chocolate and wouldnt stop eating it.

Why do people become addicted to tobacco and drugs?

Because of chemical reaction in the brain

Why do people become addicted to tobacco and drug?

Because of chemical reaction in the brain

Why do people when just try a drug they become addicted?

They become addicted because when you try it the taste is sent to your brain . it makes you crazy and your brain says it wants more so you have to get more!

How long does it take to be addicted to smoking?

theres no certain amount of time it takes to become addicted. some people can become addicted their first time and some can smoke for years without becoming addicted. everyone is different different people react differently to different things. it doesnt matter how long you use it or how often that determines whether youre addicted or not but its how you react and feel when you cant have it for a long period of time.

Why does a person become addicted to a drug?

Addictive personalities play a significant part in how people become slaves to the fix.

What percent of people get addicted to alcohol on the first use?

Zero. It is possible to become addicted rapidly if alcohol is consumed regularly in large quantities, but not that fast.

What are the most common reasons people gamble excessively?

Because they become addicted to gambling.

Why do people become addicted to marijuana?

because they like the feeling of the high ness you get after you smoke it

How many people become addicted to drugs each year?

No one knows the answer to that question.

People who have become addicted to alcohol suffer from disease called?

Alchohol Abuse or Addiction

When people become addicted to alcohol or drugs there is a cost in?

There will be a large cost in drugs and alcohol.