Anorexia Nervosa

Why do some people become warm after eating?

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2010-12-08 05:44:57

It could be from a combination of factors, which is why this

tendancy seems to be different for different people. The main

reason might be that one of the first things to get digested are

simple sugars and since sugar is the body's preferred source of

energy, it burns it up as it enters the blood stream through the

stomach lining and that's what makes a person warm.

Another reason is that the digestive process uses lots of

energy, and that creates a lot of heat. For the same reason our

bodies get warm when we exercise, we also get warm when we


Other reasons would have to include the parasympathetic division

of the autonomic nervous system. This system is designed to make us

more relaxed to allow our bodies to divert more blood to our

digestive system, and that in turn would also help warm us up.

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