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Some people breathe through their nose because they have Allergies, sinus congestion, adnoid problems, colds, or hayfever.


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They can because of the way they are made. You probably can do things that others can't do very well.

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Q: Why do some people breath through their mouth more than their nose?
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When you breath by your mouth do you fart more?

No. It is more instinctive for to breath through our noses because where far more air can get from the harmful substances in the air that us. Plus it takes less effort than breathing through your mouth

Why is it good to breath through nose than to the mouth?

when you breath through your nose you catch more of the germs trying to enter your body on the hairs in your nose. when you breath through your mouth there is much less protection against germs

Why do you breathe more through your mouth as you become out of breath?

The mouth provides more air and a better pathway to the lungs.

Why should you breath through nosble?

The reason you should breath through your nose instead of through your mouth is because it can calm the body, slow the heart rate, and relax you. Mouth breathers tend to breath heavier and are more nervous than nose breathers.

Why do some people breath through their nose more than their mouth?

Some people breathe through their nose because they have Allergies, sinus congestion, adnoid problems, colds, or hayfever. Cheyzer

How do you breath while boxing?

Try breathing out while punching, this gives you more power and you are punching forces you to breath. Also breath out when you about to be hit (if you see it coming). Alot of people will hold their breath which can cause you to be winded if being hit to the body. You should also try to breath through your nose and not so much through your mouth. Breathing through your mouth causes you to open your mouth which in turn makes you chin a great target for the KO. Hope it helped, im no expert but this what my boxing coach has taught me and it has helped me. :)

What are the best ways to breathe?

We are told at school to breath through your nose, hold it for 3-5 seconds, and exhale through your mouth. This way it brings oxygine through the lungs, and blood to your brain. You don't necessarily need to hold your breath for 3-5 seconds. Whatever feels more comfortable for you. When running or exercising it is always best to breath in your nose and out the mouth.

What causes you to yawn?

We yawn because when we breath through our mouths it brings in more oxygen than when we breath in through our noses. ( which is what most people do.) Sometimes, our brain doesn't think that its getting enough oxgen so it makes you yawn. Try yawning now - feel how much oxgen comes into your mouth? That's why.

How do turtle breathes?

A turtle breathes oxygen through its mouth and nose into its lungs. A sea turtle can stay underwater longer than most other animals,because turtles move slower, conserving more energy and needing to breathe less oxygen than aerobic animals do.They always breath from their nose but if their nose is blocked they breath from their mouth.

Why is it more ideal to breathe through your nose?

mainly just for your lips. it dries out and chaps your lips really bad * When exercising, or doing deep relaxation, it is better to breath in through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth.

Professional rescuers should stop care if?

i am a firefighter/emt and we no longer do mouth to mouth for the breath process we use mouth apparatis safer and more effective

Why do lungs prefer air breathed in through the nose?

Not all people breathe through the nose. There happen to be a lot of mouth - breathers but people who breathe out of their nose are more common.