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According to my perception : what's more important and necessary in this 21st Century is : 1. TIME 2. SPACE UTILIZATION 3. SPEED 4. DATABASE ( STORING HISTORICAL AND CURRENT DATA MAINTENANCE) and finally 5. QUALITY OF LIFE. ALL these have been possible with the invention of "THE COMPUTER",which has made the human life more comfortable. Annapurna.

2007-03-25 18:56:25
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Q: Why do some people consider computers the most important modern invention?
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What about Charles Babbage?

Charles Babbage is best known for his invention of the first and early mechanical computers. His designs became the basis of modern computers.

Why the wrigt brothers invention is important?

The beginning of modern aviation.

What are the modern inventions?

Computers and iPads are considered modern inventions. Another great invention is the camera pill, which helps doctors working with patients.

Which invention allowed computer to be smaller?

Lots of inventions have contributed to smaller computers, but the the invention most referred to in quizzes and examinations, is the development of the transistor. Transistors replaces radio tubes, and therefore allowed room wide computers to be as small as modern day desktop computers.

Which is the most important technological invention in the modern world and why?

I think electricity is the answer

Is a computer a modern invention?

A computer is a modern invention.

In what ways have society changed?

Society has a more modern view now. The invention of cells phones and computers has really made an outbreak

Do you need computers in high school?

Computers are a tremendously important tool in modern society, so for schools or colleges NOT to have computers would be folly in the extreme.

Which of the Charles Babbage invention is the foundation of the modern computer?

which machine about 200 years ago charles babbage of britain made a machine which formed the foundation for the modern electronic computers

What is the best modern invention?

the best modern invention is the thinnest computer and iPhone4s

Who was considered as the father of modern computers?

Charles Babbage was considered as the father of modern computers.he has made 2 important machines of early times they are :-The Analytical engine and the Difference engine.

How is george boole considered a founder of computer science?

Because of his invention of what later became known as Boolean Logic - on which all modern computers are based !

What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern invention?

An advantage of modern invention would be that a new product might make life easier for people. A disadvantage of modern invention is that people can misuse the invention. Texting is a prime example of misuse of an invention. Texting and driving is very dangerous.

What is the modern name of computers?


What was the first invention that might be called modern?

The magnetic compass was the first invention that might be called modern.

What was the greatest achievement during the stone age?

Invention of Fire by H. erectus, invention of art by modern man, and invention of agriculture by modern man.

What was the biggest advance that led to modern computers?

Invention of transistor by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley which won Nobel prize for Physics in 1956.

Why are bytes of memory important?

For most modern computers they are the smallest directly addressable unit of memory.

Father of the modern computers?

Charles Babbage is the father of modern day computers.

What has replaced valves in modern computers?

Transistors have replaced valves in modern computers.

Is an essay a modern invention?


Why are modern computers smaller than early computers?

Early computers are large Modern computers are easy to carry and they run several programs at once and they have lot of memory.

What other invention did Edwin belin make beside the tv?

Edwin Belin invented a scanning device in 1922 that was the precursor to the modern television. This was Edwin's only invention, but it was an important one.

How do the computers of 1940 and 1950 compare to modern computers?

The computers in the 1940s and 1950s were physically much larger, much slower and did not have the power and capabilities that modern computers have. They used different kinds of technology and would not be able to do the types of things that modern computers do.

What invention by Bell Labs in 1947 brought about modern electronics?

the invention of the transistor