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Pleasure and pain are linked, pain sometimes causes pleasure to increase.

In short BDSM is a way for some to increase their pleasure. It's also because BDSM (or only bondage) is trust and more trust. It takes a lot of trust to put your life in somebody's hands.

BDSM is a fetish, and is quite normal. It's very normal to have rape-fantasies, torture and dom/sub thoughts. People tend to think it's very unnormal, but it's really not.

It's very important in BDSM that you have safeword so you keep it safe. BDSM can involve dangerous situations, and "no" is sometimes a very good yes. So, make a safeword you wouldn't normally use, like "Television" "Table" stuff like that, EASY to say. Signals can also be used.


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When do people poop on people?

Only in some strange fetishes like BDSM would this ever happen.

Why do men pierce their nipples?

Because it looks awesome when you do. If you like BDSM they can have some utility there.

How can once being in an abusive relationship affect future relationships Distrust of people how will the past abuse affect your lifestyle any unhealthy signs to watch for?

Some one who does not understand BDSM posted "being into bdsm is an unhealthy sign" this is a lie. All studies of people into BDSM have shown that most people into BDSM are happy normal people who just have kinks to there life. Most people who are into abusive relationships never get into BDSM relationships. If someone is into BDSM and there is also a abusive relationship going on all you need to do is look for the normal signs of a abusive relationship. Most BDSM couples for the most part have happy and healthy relationships but have a relationship that looks more like the idealized ones from the 1950's and may add play that would look abusive from the outside but is truly not. What I would tell people is take time to talk to both parties and look for the signs of an abusive relationship.

Do guys like bondage?

Yes, some men do like bondage and there are special clubs both men and women go to and act out their fantasies. Also some couples are agreeable to bondage or other different acts of titilating one another.

How do you let a girl know you like bondage?

A: Explain to her what it is, and see if she's willing to try some light bondage first? B: incorporate light bondage during sex and See how she responds.

Why do boys like bondage?

im a guy and i do so yes some guys do

What are the literary works that dealt with bondage in the Roman society?

From what I've read the key distinction made in Roman sexuality was between the penetrators (virile and admirable) and the penetrated (feminine or effete and not to be taken entirely seriously). There's a debate at the moment about how far back in history modern bdsm practices extend. Presumably some forms of the exercise of power have always (?) been experienced by some people as erotic, but there's a lot of uncertainty about this area. It may be that the Romans weren't very interested in sexual bondage.

How do you have a three some with two girls?

The easiest way is BDSM. If that's not what your into then make sure that a girl is bi so she's into girls. But your best bet is through BDSM. Trust me I know and I am girl.

When a person engages in BDSM what does it do after its all over in your person day to day life when in fact nobody knows of the experience that has just taken place Im talken mainly the aftermath?

The aftermath of any type of BDSM play is varies from person to person. For the most part BDSM should do nothing to your day to day life. If it does then you must look at it and see if it makes your day to day life better or is it harming it. If it makes it better then there really is no need to change things and just have fun with it. If it is harming your day to day life then just like any other type of drugs or stuff like that you need to step back and stop doing it or find wants so that it does not do anything to your day to day life. BDSM is not like most things in the world. for some it becomes there life and takes over and they find it hard to have what most people feel are normal relationships. Don't rush into BDSM play, go slow and find some one who knows what they are doing to help you into the life

What is male bondage?

It can mean to enslave a male by force, although "bondage" is used in some groups/communities for a form of subservience that is agreed to.

Why do girls love bondage?

Not all of us do.. Some girls enjoy it because they're the type who like to be submissive, just like some girls are dominant. Some guys like it just as much as some girls. They just like to have someone control them in bed, everyone has their own fetish.

How long had the Israelites been in bondage?

According to tradition, The Israelites lived in Egypt for 210 years, of which they were in varying degrees of bondage for some 118 years.

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What are some bondage manga sights? It has more than bondage, but it's the best website you'll find. Momoyama Jirou has written a lot of bondage manga himself. A lot of his works are translated as well so you can easily google him.

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