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Fortunately most of us do, but, there are a few people that are so in love with that person they simply sit around and fade away. Others may think these people are just plain dramatic about it all, but it's true, that some of these people feel they have found the only love in their lives. Most of us, in time, will hurt inside, go through a grieving period and get on with our lives, and realize there is more than that one women or man in our lives and are later thankful we did move on. Here are some other reasons why some people never move on after a broken heart: They have convinced themselves this person they love is their only true love, so without even realizing it they make a promise never to have a relationship with another. Some can't face reality in most parts of their lives and may have started the relationship because they were extremely shy and lonely in their lives. Therefore, when their love walks out that's adding fuel to the fire by making the lonely person feel even more unloved, lonely and not worth much in this world. They simply sit, alone and do little else. It's truly ashame. Some people don't think they are all that attractive so become reserved or shy. If they land a woman/man in their lives they feel thankful and, in some cases the lonely person can become clingy and needy with their partner making the partner feel suffocated and leaving the relationship. Others come from disfunctional families filled with deception, guilt, and divorces and thus, this person is terrified it will happen to them. Some people have been truly hurt by someone or more than one person, and they don't trust easily. They haven't learned to forgive, so they can set themselves free. They think if they stay single by some miracle the person they love will come back into their lives. Some people after being badly hurt by someone they love can get jaded and simply don't want to get into another relationship for fear of being hurt again. Other people can't handle confrontations or commitment. Their lives are so shattered they have built a great wall outside themselves where they have squeezed any chance of true love from seeping in. Tragic, but true. There are so many reasons a person could simply ruin good relationships because of a lost love. It's unfortunate because not only do they hurt the person in their new relationship by not letting go of the past, they are really hurting themselves and the future doesn't look great for them. Oh yes, they may well meet someone else, but it won't be a peaceful and easy love relationship because this person won't allow it. Marcy

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Q: Why do some people not have the ability to let go of past outgrown relationships?
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