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Talkers have a great need to control & dominate a situation through constantly talking. When they have the spotlight, the environment & atmosphere is up to them and in their control. They also have a great need to get attention and haven't yet learned the fine art of conversation. They are stuck on talking at you. They don't know when it is their turn to be quiet and allow another to speak.

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How do you stop people talk about me they have a problem with me for some reason?

give them nothing to talk about.

What are some things sociopaths will do?

Sociopaths will stalk people, follow people and talk to themselves.

What does it mean when people talk to themselves?

Old ladies who are very very mean talk to themselves

Are people that talk a lot clever?

Not necessarily. Some people babble just to hear themselves. Some people don't realise what they are saying is wrong or just plain silly. Some people are very clever and do talk alot.

How do you become easy to talk to?

Be a good listener. People love to talk about themselves.

Why do people talk to themselve?

Everybody talks to themselves sometimes. People usually talk to themselves because there lonely, low self esteem or due to a disorder they have

Why do people talk about fat people?

Because it gives them something to talk about some big people do like sloppy but then there are others who keep themselves looking very nice and sometimes they look nicer and have nicer things then the skinny people talking about them, but the main people who talk about fat people are ugly people it are so many things that people can point out about them. I just wish one day everybody can stop talking about everybody. Because they are mean and have their own opinion.

When you see people talking to themselves or acting strangely on the street how do you feel?

I used to stop and talk to them to see if they were OK. Now you just have to assume they are on a bluetooth headset.

Why do people talk so luod?

Sometimes people talk loud because they cannot hear themselves as well as others can. Sometimes they do it to call attention to themselves or out of anger and frustration.

Talk to a vet?

Sure, why not? After all they are just people like you or I. Some may be automated machines and might be hard to talk to but that shouldn't stop you either.

Is it normal that people talk to themselves sometimes?

Yes, sometimes.

How do you handle a self centered person?

always change the topic or ignore whenever they talk about themselves. Talk to more people and hint to them that they talk too much about themselves (in a nice way)

How do you describe people that talk only about themselves?

narcisistic. inflated ego

Why can't autistic kids talk?

Not all autistic people are non-verbal. Those who are non-verbal may have physical reasons why they cannot talk, but often it is because autistic people can struggle to go from thinking about talking to actually making themselves talk - some people can remain silent for decades, then suddenly talk.

What do popular people talk about?

Typically, they gossip and discuss the flaws of all the unpopular people. At least that's what they talk about when they aren't talking about themselves.

How do depressed people talk?

They talk normal? We are normal people too, we just have an illness. If a person being depressed is in a bad mood, they probably talk little and keep to themselves.

When should a mom stop bathing together with her son?

Mom's have different opinions on when they should stop bathing with their son's. Some people think that it should stop when the boy can sit and support his self. Other people think that when the boy can walk and talk.

Can deaf people hear themselves talk?

Deaf pepople can hear themselves because thay are specials and have specials powers.

What is a good topic to talk about with a girl?

The same as with talking with anyone else you want to talk with. Most people like to talk about themselves, what they do and things they like

What is the big deal with Twitter?

People find it fun to talk to other people and to talk about themselves and the things they do. It is very popular to follow celebrities and see what they are doing.

What does the proverb every bird likes to here itself sing mean?

Some people like to talk just to hear themselves talk and they'e not really interested a real conversation with another person.

Why do People who talk to themselves when they drink alcohol?

Alcohol is a neurotoxin that shuts down brain functions. People under its influence are likely to do any number of strange things, including talk to themselves. It is also possible that the individual is schizophrenic.

Why do some gay men talk effeminately?

because they want to express themselves

How do you settle anxiety when you talk to certain people?

stop talking to them they on your nerves talk to someone that you can sit with an have a nice conversation with.

How can you help a emo person to stop cutting themselves?

Any people (emo or otherwise) who cut themselves deliberately have very serious emotional problems. When this happens in adolescents I would suspect hostile and abusive parents are involved in the emotional problems. People cut themselves as a rather desperate cry for help. The first thing to do is to get such a person to talk openly and freely about what is wrong in their life. You would have to persuade this person that you can be trusted and that you have a sincere desire to help. When you have some details about what is bothering such a person, you will have some idea of what needs to be done to help him or her.

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