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Why do some people think that if a Caucasian man marries an Asian woman it is because she is a cheap girl and don't consider that she is a hard working woman?


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You didn't mention if someone has accused you of this or not. You may be reading into too much of what people think and they may really like you. My best friend is Chinese and married my husband's Caucasian friend and they have been happily married for 19 years and have one daughter who is our Goddaughter.

There was a myth (still can exist to this day) that Asian women (especially Japanese women) use to walk 10 paces behind their husbands (a custom.) It's just plain ignorance because modern times have actually Westernized Asian cities and their people. Chinese women were always hard workers, but during the Vietnam War there were some women that had to prostitute themselves to stay alive or help support families and this also happened in the Korean War. Unfortunately, there are still some men that will go to some Asian countries to meet women and are under the illusion that she will wait on him hand and foot and not nag at him and give him anything he wants. Of course anyone with a brain would know this simply isn't true. Anyone that even puts you down you tell your husband and if he's a man he'll set the record straight with the person who has been saying these things about you. You DON'T have to prove anything! You know who YOU are and you don't need to make excuses for yourself.

Is it possible you have a chip on your shoulder and feel other people aren't nice to you or thinking these things about you? Most people usually don't. I live in British Columbia Canada and my husband have many races of friends and think nothing of it, so I don't see why you should be having a problem.

Why do some people think that if a Caucasian man marries an Asian woman it is because she is a cheap girl and don't consider that she is a hard working woman?because you can easily go to any 3rd world Asian country and many times the girl is poor and only dreams of a rich western man to take her back to their country and then she can send money back to her family (5 dollars will be alot of help). also you can find that the women do seek money, and its true for all woman if you think about it; i concider any woman cheap if she marries for money. i see alot of dirty woman who marry just for riches. but you don't notice them cause they don't stand out like the colour difference of white and yellow.

i also see many beautiful couples of white and Asian, and she doesnt look cheap at all. (quite alot, more than cheap looking ones) its common simply because its very easy to go to Vietnam for example and pick one up. lots of men choose so. also its not hard to pick up a prositute there and ask her to marry you.

also it can also be thought this way, because of the confusion and missconception of said prostitution. if you go to these countries and see a man walking with a prozzie, common place, and you wouldn't notice the same of a yellow and yellow (harder to notice) but attitudes and said common genuialisations could have developed because of the attitudes and negative opinions of the locals seeing many foreignors with their local prostitutes. also white people have a reputation with the locals, as with all cuture clashes.

if its disturbing you i would go to think harder and notice all the cheap white with white or cheap black with black and you might eventualy realise that its common with all races, its just the racial culture clash that makes it personal and/or an issue