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Supply and demand. By artificially restricing supply they can increase the upward pressure on prices and therefore charge more for their shoes.

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What are some top manufacturers of basketball sneakers?

There are many different manufacturers of basketball sneakers including Nike, Adidas, Puma and Air Jordan. New Balance and Under Armour also make basketball sneakers.

Is Michael Jordan still getting paid for Jordan Sneakers?


Who designed and produced Jordan sneakers?


What company was Michael Jordan paid an estimated 20 million to endorse?

Jordan Sneakers/ Air Jordan

Are Air Jordan sneakers made in Beijing china?


How do you clean Jordan sneakers?

I just use a normal toothbrush

Why are Jordan sneakers worth a lot?

They're a brand name

Which city buys the most Air Jordan sneakers?

new york

Where can you get Air Jordan fusion 3 sneakers?

At a store in the Mall of America

How do you get signature Air Jordan's on NBA2k11?

You Have To Unlock All The Jordan Sneakers

What do you think MICHAEL Jordan 1992 sneakers is worth?

300 dollars

How many pairs of Air Jordan one sneakers were sold in 1985?


What are the newest Jordan sneakers?

jordans ajf 5 white/grapeice/newemerald

What sneakers are better Jordan or Nike?

People have different opinions about whether Jordan or Nike sneakers are better, but some believe Nikes look better and are comfortable. They also point out that Jordans cost a lot more than Nikes.

What kind of sneakers are those fat joe is wearing in the make it rain music video?

The kind of sneakers that Fat Joe is wearing in the Make it Rain video areÊAir Jordan 3Êsneakers. The sneakers were "Fire Red."

In the movie he got game what sneakers did denzel buy at the sneaker store?

Jordan XIII

What sneakers did Michael Jordan wear during the 96 olympic games?

Michael Jordan did not compete in the 96 olympic games. He was retired from basketball at this time.

What type of Jordan sneakers did Lil Bow Wow show in The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift movie?

red suede Jordan 21's

Which site sell cheap Jordan sneakers?

the website that sells cheap jordans is sneaker head

What sneakers did the high school team wear in he got game?

the orginal air jordan 11s

What's the best brand of men's basketball sneakers and where to buy them?

I personally think that Nike is the best men's basketball sneakers. They have many of the professional basketball shoes such as LeBron's and air Jordan.

What is the usual price for Jordan's the sneakers?

Air Jordan 1 $100-$125; Air Jordan 2 $135; Air Jordan 3-10 $150; Air Jordan 11 $175; Air Jordan 12-23 $150-$200...It also depends where and when you get them!

Are Jordan sneakers made in China?

Yes, It is made in China, China is a making the products, and the U.S. buys it.

How do you unlock all Jordan sneakers in nba 2k11?

You just have to keep playing games and slowly unlock them all.

Who was the person who invented the Nike sneakers?

the first person to invent the first pair of Nike's and Jordan's was Michael Jordan.