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Water fountains that produce two streams of water allows the customer to drink more water with less air, therefore less burping. Also with two streams there is less spraying.

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Streams and rivers merge with ocean water?

An estuary.

What is an area where streams and rivers merge with ocean water?


What is it called when a rivers brakes up into streams?

It is usually the other way round. Moving in the direction of water flow, streams merge together to form larger rivers, the streams are called the river's tributaries. The point of joining is called a "confluence".

Naiad is the god of what?

In Greek mythology, the Naiads or Naiades were a type of nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks. They are associated with fresh water.

Is salt peter found in water fountains?

Is salt peter found in water fountains

Do leeches live in drinking water fountains?

Who told you that?! Leeches do NOT live in water fountains.

Can you give me a speech about water?

u use water to bath,wash,clean ur hands, some peoplle want tto know where u get water from well u get water from wels,streams,gullies,water fountains and water fall

What is a vacuole in the mall?

The vacuoles are like the water fountains. The vacuoles storages water and other nutreation,and the water fountains.

What is fountain stores?

A fountain store is a store that specializes in selling water fountains. There are many kinds of fountains sold in stores, including indoor wall fountains, outdoor garden fountains and water walls.

What are the holy water fountains at the entrance of the church called?

the holy water fountains or font at the entrances of the church

How is hydroelectricity recovered from earth?

Hydroelectricity is recovered through flowing streams of water and the energy they produce.

Where are the Benson Bubblers located?

The Benson Bubblers are located in Portland, Oregon. They are drinkable water fountains. There are currently fifty-two of the fountains located in the city. The water is fresh and the fountains are cleaned routinely.

Who sells water fountains?

Is water visible?

Water (when it is "clean") is transparent, but it can be seen in a number of ways because of the way light interacts with it. Rain is not invisible. Water in a glass can be seen. Water in fountains or ponds or running in small streams can be seen. This is because of the effects the water has on light that is either reflected from it or is passing through it, or both.

Do water fountains have 2.7 million bacteria cells?

study show that water fountains have 2.7 million bacteria cells per inch .

How did water fountains work in the old days?

by water from swers

Where does wolves get water?

Wolves find water in lakes and in streams.

Are there water fountains at Canada's wonderland?


Do bamboo water fountains need treatment to protect against rot?

The bamboo used in bamboo water fountains shouel be treated to avoid rot.

Did Romans get there water from fountains?

Yes, at least the poorer ones got their water from fountains which were all over the city of Rome. The aqueducts brought the water either to storage tanks, from where it was piped into the fountains, or in some cases directly to the fountain. The wealthy could have their water piped directly to their homes.

Where did you get your water in Pompeii?

Aqueducts that lead to water fountains in the streets, rain water.

How do australopithecus get there food?

Australopithecus get their water from streams and lakes. Australopithecus get their water from streams and lakes.

What kind of water does rivers and streams have?

Majority of rivers and streams have fresh water flowing in them.

Where is the water from school water fountains from?

Water provided to schools comes from the local water supply.

What make oceans water different from the water in lakes and streams?

The water in oceans are salty. Lakes and streams are not salty.

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