Why do some women have penis?

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Q: Why do some women have penis?
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Related questions

Do some women have a penis?

Yes. Some Transgender women and some Intersex women have a penis.

Why do some women not like sucking penis?

Most women do like the soft "silkiness" texture of an erect penis but some women do not want to have come in their mouth.

Do some women like a small penis?


Do women like penis that is smaller than average?

Some women do.

Can you be allergic to a penis?

No, but there is a rare allergy some women have to sperm.

Whether you can satisfy the women with an uncircumcised penis?

All women are different. Some women like uncircumcised, some like circumcised.

Do women prefer hairy penis?

it depends on the girl they some might and others might like there penis' not hairy

Do women like looking at penis?

Some do, some don't. It depends on the individual woman.

Does women have a penis?

No, women do not have penises. Women have vaginas.

Do women like uncircumcised penis better?

Some do, some do not, some have no preference.Answer 2:No. Some women reject men who are uncircumcised, whereas almost no women reject men who are circumcised

Why do women have a short urethra?

A man's urethra extends the length of the penis. Women do not have a penis.

Do women like men with a large penis?

In some cases yes we do but its not the size that countsANSWER:some might say that a large penis is needed to please a woman. but different women like different things. if you are concerned about the size of your penis, remember you cant fall in love with a penis. if you have a good personality you should be fine. and if a woman judges you by your size and not you yourself she is obviously shallow and does not deserve you.if you are a women reading this, a male being judged by the size of his penis is no different then a women being judged by the size of her breasts.Some women do. Others prefer a smaller penis. Some women do not like men at all.

Can you satisfy a women by a 5 inch penis?

A man can satisfy women with a 5 inch penis.

Do women have a penis?


Where do you put your penis in a girl?

You put the penis in the women's vagina.

Is girls or women care about penis length?

Some do some don't. If you can please your woman, it doesn't matter.

What is normal penis size women like?

Women, as a group, don't have a "normal" or "preferred" penis size. Some women don't like penises of extreme size. Most are not concerned about size, but more about sexual pleasure.

What size penis do women perfer?

most women prefer a penis that is between 6 and 8 inches..

Why do you love penis?

The question is kind of vague... Is it why does a man love his own penis? Why does a woman/homosexual love a penis? Anyhow it is very much personal. Not everyone "loves" penis. Some women might love doing some stuff with the penis, just like some men would love doing some stuff with the vagina. Women also enjoy oral sex to different degrees. It just might turn someone on in itself, but some women might enjoy it just because it's a sign of affection and love.

Do a women gets some contaminated disease after penis suck?

Yes old friend I contaminated my penis many times. Want pics ?

Can woman have a small penises in the vagina?

It's not a penis, it's a clitoris. Some women have an enlarged clitoris that may resemble a tiny penis.

What size penis who women like?

Women have different likes and dislikes for penis size. Some like them big, while others like them more average sized. It all depends on the individual.

Do women like squishy penis?

No. Some women who are really into oral sex may prefer a squishy penis because they can get the entire thing into their mouths. But most women prefer a penis that is nice and hard. The reason for this is because the hard penis is able to penetrate the vagina of the woman and provide a great deal of pleasure for the woman during the sex act.

What happens if you have a small penis?

Every penis is different in shape and size, and some women prefer smaller penises to larger ones. Don't worry about it!

Could a women grow a penis?