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Because it has holes in it.

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Are vests cool or not?

vests are cool depending on the colour, style, wearer, brand , and time period your inthough ben r. should not wear vests because i said he shoulodn't and Nancy agrees with mefrom your friendsya

What do FBI agents keep in vests?

guns,and other wepons

How do you do cool things with only a string?

play with a cat with the string depending on how big the string is ha

Can string keep heat out?

String could be used to seal a small crack and keep heat out or cold in.

How do dogs keep cool?

Dogs keep cool by sticking their tongue out and panting.

How does an elephant use its ears to keep cool?

They flap their ears to keep cool

Why fanning yourself at a football match will keep you cool?

because it will keep you cool

How can you play a string on cello with fingers on another string?

If you want to play an open string, but keep your fingers on a different string, you have to make sure that nothing is touching the open string.

Where does Demi Lovato get her vests?

Demi gets her vests at the store.

Is air conditioning to keep you warm or cool?

It keeps you cool, and heating is to keep you warm.

What is the duration of Keep Cool film?

The duration of Keep Cool - film - is 1.55 hours.

Why is it good to keep a banana cool?

because cool bananas are cool

What are the vests called that show neon color when light hits it?

The vests that show neon color when light hits it are called high visibility vests. The vests are typically a luminous shade of yellow.

What is the name of the intramural sports vests that children wear?

Scrimmage vests

Were there bulletproof vests in w w 2?

No, there were no bulletproof vests in WW2

How do you keep a cool box cool?

put it in a freezeer

Do rash vests keep you warm?

Hi, well if you wear a rask vest under a wetsuit, it is mostly for stopping chaffing and stopping wetsuit rash. however, if you are going surfing or swimming and just want to wear a rash vest on its own, not only does it give uv protection, it DOES keep you warm. So yes rash vests keep you warm

What are good materials to keep things cool?

it depends on what you are trying to keep cool e.g you would not cool a computer with water (without special kit) if you are trying to keep Ice Of food cool a polystyrene box would do.

Does Dicks Sporting Goods sell reflective vests?

Yes, Dick's Sporting Goods does sell reflective vests. They have a couple of vests to choose from.

Does cavity wall insulation keep the house cool in summer?

Yes, it helps to keep heat out in the summer and keep it in when it is cool outside.

What helps keep plants cool?

The process of transpiration keep plants cool. Water is evaporated from plants.

How do meerkats keep cool?

They keep cool by entering there burrows midday when it is boiling in the sunlight of south africa

How do an elephant use its huge ears to keep cool?

an elephant uses its ears to keep cool by flapping them around its head therefor keeping it cool

How does a tiger keep cool?

by keeping them in cool water by smimming

Where can you buy rash vests online?

You can buy rash vests online from the Surfing-Waves website. Alternatively, you can get these vests online from the Gill Marine website or from Amazon.