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Supporters approve of genetically modified food (GM food) because they believe any risks would be offset my a huge benefit, and when theres beginning to get food shortages in the world grow larger food faster is only a benefit


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the main export market for Israel is Europe which does not approve of GM crops so the answer is: no, there are no commercially grown GM crops in Israel. however Israel it self is not against GM.

First GM food was Tomato, 1994. First GM crop was tobacco, 1983.

Any GM seller can approve an individual for a loan, and can also order any color, model or make of GM convertible a driver could want. Car sellers are always willing to accommodate.

an NBA GM makes a lot of money which they spend on food:)

People have been modifing food for thousand of years when putting animals that give alot of food with animals that dont and having kids that give more food. No one really invented GM food, many people did bu after discovery of DNA in 1953 GM foods where created more prefesionaly

It depends on what you like

They are genetically modified.

It isn't thought to be bad for you

You also perform analysis on food that is know to be a non-GMO food control so you can compare GM and non GM to give a valid result.

Farmers have widely addopted GM technology. Between 1996 and 2011, the total surface area of land cultivated with GM crops had increased by a factor of 94, from 17,000 sq km to 1,600,000 sq km. 10% of the GM crop lands were planted with GM crops in 2010. There is a broad scientific consensus that food on the market derived from GM crops poses no important risk to human health than conventional food.

They are not bad. GM food have been used from ancient times through selective growing and breeding. Were it not for GM crops many more people would starve.

GM foods was put on shelves in the early 1900's but was sold in 1996

no; zombies are simply spurs supporters trying to find food

GM food can be found at some of your local markets and at any time of the year but before you buy it i would like to let you know that GM foods can cause allergic reactions and can be poisinous.

Some refer to GMO foods as "frankenfoods."

No, GMO foods do not grow faster.

Sadly, almost all the food out there is genetically modified(gm). You can find more natural foods by purchasing organic or all natural products, but they are not guaranteed to be gm free.

approve by the us food and drug administration in 1960

organic food is worse than gm foods because it costs more and it comes in different shapes and sizes. organic food is worse than gm foods because it costs more and it comes in different shapes and sizes.

The difference between organic and genetically modified food is like the difference between night and day. GMO food is of unknown effect when consumed by the body, and it is presumed to be dangerous. Organic food is as natural as food gets, with no pesticides or any genetically modified organisms. Organic food tends to taste a lot better than GM food.

a crop that has been changed by someone unnaturally

General Motors for a car Genetically Modified for food

Effects of GMO foods on wildlife are not known.

There are no known genetically modified banana as of May 2014.

1994 - the FlavrSavr transgenic tomato was legalised by the US to be commercially sold. After that, a lot of GM foods were legalised

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