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Why do tail lights dash lights and horn not work because one fuse blows every time I turn on the headlights?

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Sounds like the wire for the headlights is shorted out somewhere. So the fuse is doing what is should, blowing to prevent a the wire from melting or starting a fire. Start at the headlights and look for any obvious damage to the wires. Look for pinch points or spots where it goes through a hole in the sheet metal. Any missing grommets? The wire may have rubbed a bare spot. If you can find the damage, repair it and fix whatever caused it. If you don't find it, take it to a qualified mechanic - don't bypass the fuse or put heavier fuses than the circuit is rated for in the slot. If you burn up the switch or wiring, you will have a much more expensive fix in the long run. Answer 1 is not incorrect, BUT when the headlight switch is turned on, it supplies current TO MORE THAN the headlights. It also feeds to the instrument panel lamps, front parking lamps, all side marker lamps, tail lamps, and to the license plate lamp[s]. Therefore, a SHORT in any one of the wires in ANY OF THESE circuits would cause the fuse to fail [blow out]. I don't know about the horn because I thought it was on a different fuse[circuit]. Also, as stated in answer 1, DO NOT bypass the fuse, DO NOT "OVERFUSE" the circuit, and take your vehicle to a QUALIFIED automotive mechanic, or better, an automotive electrical technician. j3h.

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93 dodge shadow your tail lights aren't working every time you replace the fuse and turn on the headlights the fuse blows whats could be worng and how do you fix it?

Short in the wiring.

Which manufacturers use LED headlights in their cars?

Nearly every manufacturer utilizes LED technology in their headlights. This became the standard around 2009 when Audi began to replace their tail-lights with LED.

Why would the interior dash lights go out when you turn on the headlights in a Ford Explorer Limited?

Every vehicle that I've experienced this problem in was due to the tail light fuse being burned out. This condition is because the tail lights and dash lights share a common fuse, which makes the dash lights act as an indicator as to whether or not your tail lights are working (although, this doesn't indicate whether the bulbs are good or not).

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What can the problem be if your dashboard cluster fuse blows every time you turn on the headlights?

It's a short circuit in the wiring. You'll have to get a multimeter or test light and go over the whole wire for the headlights and check for continuity . If there's a current through it all is what youre checking. Hope it helps .

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My headlight relay blows in my 2001 4x4 Rodeo every 3-4 months - anyone have an idea why. - Yep they are just the standard lights I dont have fog lights or anything else.?

Stock lights? If not, they might be drawing too much current for the relay.

What make headlights keep blowing on Hyundai elantra 2004?

It might be because of moisture. Mine would go out every time it rained. I had my mechanic put a new silicon seal on the headlights and that solved it for me.

What is wrong with a 1995 dodge neon when all the dash board lights are not working but none of the fuses look blown the seat belt light works though?

I have a 1995 neon dodge and my dash lights will not come on or my tail lights and every time i change the airbag fuse and turn on the car the airbag fuse blows.

What to do if every light come on besides your head lights on a 2008 Jeep commander?

Check all int fuses first since unlikely both went out at same time. Headlights should have their own (fuse)

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Why do you blow the fuse for your dash lights and marker lights every time you turn the switch?

You have a short to ground somewhere. Start at each lamp socket, then the wiring and look for problems. Possible bad headlight switch. Also in checking shorts, don't forget the license plate light in addition to all marker lights. Dash lights normally go out when the tail light fuse blows as dash lights are fused from the tail light circut.

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What would cause the interior instrument panel lights not to work as well as the Taillights and the Fuse to blow every time you turn on the headlights On a 1998 Dodge Durango?

sounds like a short circuit in trailer plug or wires to it?

Why headlights go out every 3 to 4 months 03 vw beattle?

Check your charging system. Your alternator should put out less than 14.5 volts. Any more and it overcharges the batteries and burns out lights.

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Why the brake lights stay on when the headlights are on also when pressing the brake the parking lights also come on every time the brake is pressed. there is a clicking sound pressing on the brake?

somebody put a single filiment bulb in a dual receptacle socket or visa versa chech rear bulbs first

Why does 2002 stratus keep blowing a 20 amp starter fuse?

If it blows every time you try to crank the engine over, the starter may have failed.If it blows every time you try to crank the engine over, the starter may have failed.

Why won't dash lights work when head lights are on?

When you turn on the headlight switch, you are turning on 2 circuits. The headlights are on one circuit and the other circuit is the tail lights and the dash lights. The tail lights are on a separate fuse and the dash lights feed off that circuit with usually a 5 amp fuse also. Sometimes when the dash lights don't work, the dash light fuse is blown. Sometimes the tail light fuse blows and it feeds 12v to the dash fuse. Also a bad headlight switch can cause the dash (and or tail lights), not to work also. Do you see two green arrows and no dash lights?. A loose ground clip is the suspect and a real pain to fix. A hard slap with the palm of your hand on the hump forward of the steering wheel has turned the lights on every time I have tried it. You must know all of the bulbs will never burn out at the same time also the fuse controls several other things including those two green arrows.

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I recently changed the tail light bulbs in my 2001 Hyunday Tiburon Now every time the brakes are pressed down my headlights come on Why would this be happening?

Check to make sure that the tail light bulbs are in the correct sockets. Whenever there is a different watt bulb in an incorrect socket, braking may result in headlights and dash lights to light up.

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