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Hi, first thing to do is get it properly charged. Sounds low on freon. That's where to start..............Mike

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Your 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport sputters after leaving a stop or sometimes idles very rough?

Perhaps you have a leak in your transmission. Check the transmission fluid while the car is running. DO NOT check any other fluids while the engine is running.

1989 Grand Marquis AC blows ice cold idling but blows hot while driving but blows cold when decelerating?

it could be the heater core and ac housing unit that allows hot air to be mixed with the cold air or it could just cancel out the cold due to the motion of the car

How do you fix the blower motor of the heating AC unit on a 98 Grand Cherokee The air only blows while accelerating?

Check the resistor pack on or near the fan , it may have melted and needs to be replaced.

94 grand Cherokee shuts down while driving blow engine control fuse in pcm after fuse blows jeep will crank but not start?

i had the same problem in my 96 jeep Cherokee check to see if your auxilary fan is shot if you are undable to tell just simply unplug the fan and give it a shot this solved my problem

What does it mean when your car growls while idling?

A) It needs to be serviced. B) An animal in your trunk is uneasy when the engine idles.

What is the difference between a prize fighter and a man with a cold?

The boxer knows his blows, while the sick man blows his nose.

How is enery related to motion?

While a object is in motion it poesses Kinetic Energy(the energy or motion).

Your 1999 jeep Cherokee sport has started dying while driving why?

Check the oxygen sensor. My 1995 Grand Cherokee stopped stalling while driving after it was replaced.

What are the features of the iPod?

they have this new feauture that blows u while you are listening to music

Who is responsible when engine blows while test driving a used car from a dealership?


LExus rx 300 engine jurking while excelerating?

if it idles rough too, check your plugs, if not, check your fuel filter.

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If it blows on the landform for quite a while it will erode. But if it is just blowing on it for short periods nothing will happen. Note: It cannot move ;)

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical motion?

Our jumping is a vertical motion, while walking is a horizontal motion. Exercises are done by both horizontal and vertical motion.

In what way is the motion of a freely falling object different from the motion of the cart?

motion of free falling object does not have friction, while motion of the cart has force of friction

If your front right tire blows while driving which way will the car pull?

To the right

What is the difference between oscillation and periodic motion?

Oscillatory motion is also called vibratory motion while periodic motion is a motion which is repeat itself after a specific interval. Periodic motion may be rotatory or vibratory.

The starter and fuel pump fuse blows in our 2001 chrysler sebring a lot almost every time it rains what could be the problem?

If it blows while driving, I would replace the fuel pump. If it blows when trying to start, I would replace the starter.

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Do not alight while the bus is in motion?


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based on the way I skate. The motion is backwards while my body moves forwards.

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What does it mean when the air conditioner blows out hot air once in a while?

If the ambient (air) temperature rises and the A/C blows warm air, it probably means that you need to add freon.

Why Lawn mower Spark plug blows out while running?

not secured properly, user sockets

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What If your tire blows out while driving?

You may or may not loose control and have a wreck. If you do not panic you will be ok.