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The BBC is funded by the sale of television licences (you have to have a TV licence to watch TV in the UK). Other broadcasters have to find other sources of funding, and many do this by selling advertisers time between and during programmes to advertise their products (ad breaks).


The BBC also makes money from exporting programmes.

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Q: Why do the BBC have no advertisements?
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The BBC is public broadcasting. They do not run advertisements for any products on their programs, so the only way they raise the money to run The BBC is through the television licenses.

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Do have BBC in the US?

BBC World News is shown in my state (North Carolina) on PBS - the Public Broadcasting System, at 11 PM each night. PBS is partly supported by tax money and also by donations - it is a non-commercial network (unlike ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox), usually affiliated with the public universities in each state. They do not show commercial advertisements for money to finance themselves. There are something like 17 transmitters in my state and its always on local cable. I like the BBC news very much, and find its reporting to be exceptional. Radio broadcasts of BBC News can be received on a radio which receives short wave broadcasts. I do hope BBC survives its current troubles, which it seems to me, though extremely unfortunate, to have little connection to the actual work of the BBC. It would be a great loss if the BBC were to be discontinued.

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Where can one learn more about BBC travel?

One can learn more about BBC travel on the official website of the television BBC. There is a special section on the BBC website that is called BBC Travel News.

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BBC HD is a high definition version of the BBC channel. In America, more information about BBC HD can be obtained from contacting a service provider. Information concerning BBC HD can also be found on the BBC website, under the tag BBC HD.

Who is the CEO of the BBC?

The BBC works under the BBC Trust, the governing body of the BBC, whose chairman is currently Chris Patten. The BBC itself is headed by a Director General, currently Tony Hall.