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Why do the Irish wear the color green?

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January 14, 2009 4:02AM

The Celts called their idea of heaven "Green Erin" a nickname eventually given to Ireland. Green is the symbolic color of St. Patrick's Day because of his ministry as the 2nd Bishop to Ireland, also known as the "Emerald Isle" due to the lush ground cover of clover over the entire country, and because of Patrick's creation of the Order of the Green martyrs-those who were missionaries to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Briton. St. Patrick was also known for being the first to use the Irish 3 leaf clover, also called the Shamrock, or Tri-foil, as an illustration of the doctrine of the Trinity. More information: The Irish don't wear green as such. The colour is used on flags, banners, team colours etc. traditional colour - first Irish flag, represents St. Patrick etc. It seems to be more of a stereo type. In films etc